United in Our Freedom

We begin the year with a sobering event reminding us of the commitment many are making to destroy those with differing beliefs.  It’s such an old story, isn’t it?  One wonders how it still dominates the planet.

For those of us committed to a consciousness of unity, the terrorist attack in Paris against a satirical magazine is a stark reminder of the importance of having a voice that bears witness to another way.  It can seem that the way of love is a naive fantasy in the context of war and hell-bent destruction, but reflection on its power suggests otherwise.

In Marianne Williamson’s first lecture of the year in Los Angeles, she posed that our consideration is not what will happen to us in 2015, it’s about who we will be.

PHOTO: People gather to pay respect for the victims of a terror attack against a satirical newspaper, in Paris, in Paris, Jan. 7, 2015.

This is the statement of the Parisians who gathered following the attack.

I’ve often envisioned the peoples of the world traveling to places where violation of the human spirit is rampant, gathering en masse to surround the area in a throng of silent recognition that this behavior is utterly unacceptable; holding absolution within their unified presence of love in a manner that commands the insane to relinquish their stance and return to the truth of who they are.

Oprah Winfrey’s movie, Beloved, has a powerful scene that illustrates such an idea.  When a poltergeist manifests as a young woman who commands the household in a distorted reality, a formidable group of black church ladies comes marching down the road toward the house.  Joined in their resolution to cast the demon out, they are wailing, singing and praying loudly together as they walk.  Their unified power is palpable, and when the afflicted woman appears on the porch, she falters in their presence as they demand that the spirit departs.  And, indeed, it disappears.  These women carried no guns.

John Lennon knew.  “All we need is love.”  We all know.  It is only unbearable pain that creates violence, and unconsciousness that perpetuates it.  We have a global need to return to love and a personal responsibility to lead the way, however we can.

Real change does not occur in the presence of judgment and fear.  Change only becomes lasting when illumination reaches the heart and mind so absolutely that it simultaneously resonates with the soul’s knowing and becomes a newly created root of conviction, born of love.

I may not know how to invoke the change I wish to see in the world, but the root of my conviction in our Oneness remains my guide for every step I take.  It illuminates my path when I remain focused on its message.

2015 began with the compelling pull of a full moon, dragging us into our deepest feelings in order to purge the illusions and determine the truths we will stand for now.  No matter how it appears, we have the freedom to write a new script.  It’s in our power, and it’s time to realize it.

Through our reflection in facing what arises, grieving, letting go and opening up – we can become clear and available for the universal calling to manifest a higher realm of life on Mother Earth.  That’s what will put the Happy in New Year!

Featured image                                                rainbow from Malibu after a storm

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New Holiday Choices – It’s Not Too Late!

For many weeks I’ve been sensing this upcoming holiday period will be different than most would expect – that something is compelling our collective attention in a direction beyond our traditionally demanding plans of outer productivity and effort.

Astrological aspects are forcefully pushing us into greater change and the momentum is so strong now, even our staunchest resistance cannot be upheld without a backlash to knock us over and weaken our denial until we ultimately flow with the movement.  It is a movement of growth and expansion, and we are in a powerful time of cleansing.

These changes hold great promise and cover the full range of human emotion, experience and possibility – and awareness is the key.  Whatever you are going through, you can be sure that every person around you is facing something profound.  So it’s important to be kind to others; to strive for compassion and respond with love.  Our outer choices and efforts need to be coming from our inner awareness and focus, so making the time to connect within is critical.

Remember that your mind and heart were created with the capacity to stretch beyond any limited perception and know the truth your Soul came here to embody.  If you are feeling the pressure and stress of the holidays, or life in general, it’s a message from within you to make a course correction.

Be willing to make new choices.  Look to how you are thinking and what you are doing.  If it’s causing pain or discomfort, command your mind to expand beyond its limited perception and offer a higher truth.  If you ask to see something differently, you will absolutely receive another option, whether it comes immediately or later on.

It is the Spirit of the holidays that is our greatest gift to give, and we give it by expressing our spiritual selves:  our infinite capacity to love.  Rather than looking for the perfect gift for someone in a store, you can meditate on who they are and how you can express love to them.  The act itself would be an immediate gift for both of you, and any resulting inspiration will hold far greater potential.

We can realize the joy of this holiday season, even through our suffering, if we are willing to illuminate our consciousness and let go of our grievances.  For those of you experiencing loss, there is a truth beyond your sorrow that can heal and see you through.  If we look within first, and engage our Spirits and hearts in all our considerations, we will be given the clarity, courage, and conviction to make the choices that lift us into the highest possibilities that love can create.

That is what is meant by Heaven on Earth, and that is the power we all hold, together.

My love and blessings to You!





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Healing our Lack of Trust

There are natural cycles that continuously propel us through our lives:  times of experience brought straight to our door, phases when great activity abounds, tumultuous zones, periods of plenty and lack, and lapses when a quiet void slips in and the world seems to be going on around us.

It’s always easier when life is flowing the way we like it, but these natural cycles bring the experiences that cultivate our growth and enrich our soul.   We strive, focus, celebrate, lose, gain, break down, open up, question, grieve, love, create, connect, isolate, withdraw, and emerge over and over again, shape-shifting through the changes.

It’s such a beautiful dance when we are in the awareness of our infinite nature, our Oneness, and our connection to Source.  But when our identity and security is defined by the outer (appearance, job, money, status, etc.) our trust becomes conditional and these cycles are painful, frightening, and sometimes debilitating.

To develop a core belief of trust that provides a template for our thoughts, we have to know how to deal with fear.  We also have to know where trust is found:  the inner realms, not the outer.  Our goal isn’t to trust another person, a job, a system like the government, or even our bodies…. it’s to trust our Selves and the greater life force that created and sustains us, however you define that.

Based on your personal experiences, the development of trust may be a lifelong journey and, to some degree, it’s true for all of us.  We come into our lifetimes with a secure knowing of connection that is immediately challenged by the polarity of the physical plane.  Depending on the consciousness of those who care for us, our knowing is validated, enhanced, or threatened – and the tapestry of our lives unfolds accordingly.

Here’s where the good news comes in.  We are empowered by our very nature to transcend and transform, and the more we relate to our inherent nature, the more trust we develop and the more powerful we become.

Dealing with fear

In non-life threatening experiences, here’s an exercise for dealing with fear in the moment:

Bring your awareness to the fear you are in.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and be willing to be completely present with it.

Recognize all the scenes your mind is playing out based on the fear.

Change the visualizations to opposite scenarios until you experience accompanying positive emotions.  Breathe deeply.

Open your eyes and remain in stillness while you perceive any inner and outer shifts.  (Sometimes the lighting or texture of your environment will appear differently when you open your eyes.  This is a sign of actual change occurring.)

With repetition, this practice strengthens your ability to cultivate trust and move more quickly from fear when it arises.

Asking for help:

When fear is consuming and your negative emotions are overwhelming, it is time to surrender and ask for help.   There have been countless times I’ve pulled my car over to the side of the road when I’ve recognized my mind is looping in fear-based imaginings, put my head on the wheel and said out loud:  “I’m not in my right mind, I’m willing to see this differently, but please help me!”.

Getting on one’s knees in prayer and seeking intervention is also a powerful act.  It is a humble relinquishment of the insanity through an acknowledgment of a far greater power and possibility, and ushers in the assistance needed.

Conscious distraction:

If your mental thoughts are looping no matter what you do, sometimes interrupting the pattern by watching a movie, creating something, spending time in nature, or reading a book can neutralize the fear and provide the impetus for higher thoughts to engage and carry you forward.

Statements of faith

Our minds process 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day.  Given this constant stream, it’s helpful to consciously choose statements of faith that you speak out loud when fear let’s you know the background din is getting too loud.  Such as, “I trust the Universe to support me.”  “There are more options than I can currently see.”  “I am capable.”  “Yes I can.”

Reading faith or truth-based material that resonates with you can also turn off the fear switch.  Sometimes I grab the Course in Miracles and just reading the first line of the daily lesson is enough to realign my mind.  For many years, Unity’s Daily Word provided a guide post for my thoughts throughout the day.

Developing trust long-term

There is no way around it:  we have to develop a spiritual (inner) practice and application that stimulates a core belief in trust and trains the mind to stay on track.

Throughout my life, I’ve been involved in some type of spiritual teaching or practice.  Metaphysics, Science of Mind, Unity, Native American spirituality, hospice training, Buddhism, crystal healing, hypnotherapy, Course in Miracles, meditation, and countless workshops, books, and teachers have all provided some type of practice to further my understanding of spiritual law and truth, do the necessary inner work, and apply the principles to my physical experience.

My soul’s desire led me to each of these places of instruction, which were perfect for me, but there are many ways to study the nature of life – from science, to metaphysics, to spirituality.  What you can trust is where you are drawn, what you learn from the experience, and how you come to know your Self.

The most simple and profound truth about our lives is that they are a gift of co-creation.   When we know ourselves within and have awareness of Source (love) and the laws of the Universe, we can confidently take our rightful place in the co-pilot’s seat.  From there, we can trust that all life will be fed by the creations that come from our heart’s desire and limitless imagination; creations that can be a spectacular return of gratitude for such a profound and priceless gift!




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Leading the Way

The intensity of our current times made me recall the American Civil War when local citizens were asked to step out of their lives as they knew them to be, sacrifice everything to stand up for their freedom and beliefs, and go to the front lines at any cost.

Though it’s a dramatic comparison, it’s crystal clear that we are being called to the front lines of conscious awareness and action.  Challenges aren’t relenting, and those who have trained in higher consciousness are the needed leaders for our time.  Not only do we have to recognize ourselves as such, we have to boldly move to the front lines of every area of our life and demonstrate what we have learned.

This is not for the feint of heart.  We’ve been pretty comfortable as students and haven’t had a revolution on our own terrain in quite a long time.  We’re used to looking to someone else for the changes we want in our world, rather than taking it upon ourselves to be the instrument of that change.  We’re more comfortable as a nation blaming poor leadership than risking the repercussions of becoming a great leader.

The focus we’ve had on inner transformation must now translate to outer experience.  Every circumstance we are in, is the perfect opportunity for representing our Oneness.  Every relationship we have, offers the chance to speak up and show up, from the highest truth we have come to realize.  Every job we do and service we offer, presents the chance to inspire and heal, boosting our collective shift into a new paradigm of wholeness and well-being.

In my work as a spiritual counselor, and in my own life, I am witnessing a constant demand to stretch our capacity.  For some, it’s a pulling apart or breaking open.  For others, a transcendence is already occurring.  But for all, it is a confrontation of our issues.  There’s no more wiggle room left.

We are required now to exemplify the truths we have come to know as spiritual practitioners; to apply the principles in our thought, word, and deed.  Even if you are not on a path of spirituality, it is the same challenge:  How are you showing up today?  What are you giving to others today?  Who do you want to be in the experience you are having?  What reality are you creating?

The universe is forcing a move from individual focus to collective awareness.  The opportunity is to grow beyond our self interest through cooperation and contribution, and  forge the trails for unity.  Trust the circumstances you are in.  Respond and be bold in your leadership.  Connect with others.  Reach out.   Share Your Self.

And in any challenge that brings weakness of fear or insecurity…. practice.  Practice the discipline of the mind, the compassion of the heart, and the demonstration of love.  It will see you through, and you will become a beacon for others to find the light of hope.  May you Be…well!


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Cancer – from a Healer’s View

I’ve been dealing with cancer for nine years now, though mostly I don’t identify with it at all, and remain in the conviction I can eradicate it from my body.  It’s a strange experience I’ve always felt somewhat ambivalent about, as I don’t relate to the world of traditional medicine anymore than I relate to current traditional collective thought.

When I was first diagnosed with a stage three thyroid cancer, men in particular often vehemently proclaimed, “You have to fight the good fight.  You have to fight for your life!”  “What the *!*!”, I thought.  I don’t have to fight for my life.  I AM life!  I was also subjected to the naivete that questioned, “how does a healer get cancer?”, or “what did you do to create this?”.  (I really should have written a book on the top ten things you don’t say to a cancer patient.)

As a hospice volunteer for many years, I’ve spent some time with death.  My body had also died briefly on an operating room table during surgery, and a regression I went through later revealed the transition.  And in a vivid dream I’ve had more than once, I experienced the complete cellular change of the death of my body as I left this world.

These experiences, along with my life’s history as an intuitive and spiritual counselor, have given me a multidimensional perspective.  That’s not to say I am not subject to the vulnerabilities we all experience around illness and death, or that I would diminish the components of suffering that are experienced in the process of death and grief.  It is to say, however, that our conditioning to relate to life exclusively through the external, confines us in our ignorance and generates the very fears that propagate the cancer cell, and all the cancers of humanity.

Cancer is part of our collective consciousness.  It breeds through our minds, and subsequently through our cells.  A cancer cell reflects a separation from the healthy cells and it’s no wonder it’s rampant, as we have perpetuated this notion of our separateness to the point of destruction.

It reflects a frightening deviation from Source that we have to recognize and take responsibility for – some of us individually – and all of us collectively.  But it’s like any challenge, in that it helps us grow and learn to live from the limitless potential of our true nature.  It reminds us that we are not defined by a condition, but by our response to it, and that our internal nature holds all possibility for external change

Facing our mortality is inevitable, and anyone diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness quickly becomes a more avid seeker.  It provides a journey through the darkness of our minds to the light of our souls and, one way or another, we get there.  My personal journey with cancer continues to help me discover my Self, expand my beliefs, strengthen my faith, claim my truth, and choose what I relate to more in the human experience:  spiritual law or physical law.

For those of you who are going through cancer, have lost someone to cancer, fear cancer, or are dying from cancer…. I hold out my hand to take yours.  We are in this together, as we are in everything together.  As we reach to take every hand extending to us now, we form a circle of the greatest strength born of compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and love.  We open our minds and bodies for miraculous healing and release, as we recognize and honor the sacredness of our path and everyone on it.  May we be blessed, and may we be healed.

Thank you for reading this blog.  Please consider taking someone’s hand in yours today and looking in their eyes as you extend your love, that you both may realize and recognize the divine and eternal light of possibility through you.  Our awakening is furthered by our action in demonstrating what we know in our hearts, and every loving deed and moment of connection will inspire it.

Postscript to my recent blog on Marianne Williamson running for Congress.  She came in fourth, which wasn’t enough to put her on the ballot in November, but she and those who support her, feel we had a victory nonetheless.  She started a conversation thousands of us took forth, and many others share, that continues to reverberate and inspire new possibilities for humankind to create from a consciousness of love.


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Creation Time!

Have you been sensing the openings for new connection and creation?  Granted, we’re still learning the mastery of letting go, but there is new stimuli for coming together and creating from the seedlings of ideas sprouting rampantly in our consciousness.  It’s a great time to trust your heart, follow your intuition, and take bold steps into the uncharted territory of your dreams.

Your sleeping dreams may be reflecting what you are disengaging from and opening to; the shape-shifting you are in the midst of.  In waking hours, the material of the day provides the same information:  what you can no longer relate to, and what compels you.

This is a discerning time for positioning oneself in the higher frequencies of possibility, or the despairing tones of status quo.  In any human condition, there exists the possibility of transcendence, and our inherent nature is to rise, to create, and to love.  Our freedom is not bound by the outer, but defined from within.

In June we have some marvelous aspects for emerging clarity, new opportunities, forging ahead, and spiritual breakthrough.  It’s also a time for meeting the people your soul has longed for; not just the idealized romantic relationship, but making connections that hold the potential to inspire true global healing.

Even Mercury going retrograde June 7 until July 1, doesn’t hold its usual impact of delay.  It’s always good to double-check facts, backup the computer files, and leave extra room for changes in timing, but it shouldn’t stop you from moving forward with your new ideas and goals.  There are other stronger forces that will help spur you on.

June 21 brings Summer Solstice along with the sun entering Cancer, a water sign ruled by the Moon.  The sacred feminine comes alive and Cancer’s flowing emotional nature unites with its abundant fertility of imagination.    On June 27, comes a beautifully aspected new moon in Cancer; a great time to set your intention for the next thirty days.  All in all, summer is starting with great promise and potential, with emphasis on creating anew.

One of my favorite lines in the Course in Miracles is, “the past is over, it can touch you not”.  Whatever changes are taking place in your life, look for the new direction that holds your growth.  If your fears stymie you, or circumstances bring forth challenge, reach out for help to overcome them.

This is a time to believe in yourself and follow the path of expansion with an open mind and heart.  And more importantly, with a willingness to see things differently!  You will be supported, and your unique offerings are exactly what the world needs now.







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Marianne Williamson for Congress

Many of you know I’ve been attending Marianne Williamson’s weekly lectures in Los Angeles for over four years.  Her teachings on the Course in Miracles have provided one of the most powerful and effective spiritual practices of my life.

Now she has bravely stepped up to apply her lifelong passion of democracy and run for Congress as an Independent.  Rarely do we have the combination of a spiritual leader and brilliant historian, with a true moral compass, who is courageous enough to challenge the status quo.

On June 3rd, she will be on the ballot in an open primary in California for District 33.  If you are lucky as I am, to be in this district, please VOTE.  If you are not in this district, please support her campaign with a contribution, even if you live out of state.  Marianne’s voice is sure to benefit our entire country, and be a global voice for all peoples of the world.

Because she is not accepting corporate or special interest PAC or lobbyist money, every contribution counts.  I’ve heard her say often, if everyone who read her books or was a follower on her Twitter and Facebook pages, sent even $3.00, she would have the support she needs.

We have a rare chance to come out of our numbness to the political process and speak up before our individual rights are bulldozed forever and our collective dreams of peace and well-being are forgotten.  I urge you to click the link below to read and hear more about this remarkable campaign, and more importantly, to be a part of it.

Eyes are on California, and this election matters.  Please join me in supporting Marianne Williamson for Congress and illuminating the path for change.

Check out this link for more information, and please pass this on to everyone you know.


Thank you!

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The Intense Opportunity of April

This month packs some powerful portals for change, and a pressurization to forcefully push us into expansion.  It’s not a time to hold on to status quo in any form; rather, to surrender within the forces and liberate your power to co-create the new.

For those of you who have been doing the inner work and diligently following your impetus to straighten out your life, you can look for a boost of momentum to carry you well beyond your efforts and place you in new territory.  In this new terrain, your abilities may be utilized in an expanded way, on behalf of many more than you would have imagined.  For others who have remained in struggle, escapism or denial, it can be an overload that explodes into loss of control.

This month’s full moon lunar eclipse, Grand Cross, solar new moon eclipse, Passover, and Easter observances…. all combine to further our collective breakthrough.  It’s tremendously exciting, and can also be challenging.  These are big forces, and can involve sudden changes involving weather conditions and earth movements.  It can also involve release of imploding emotions.

I’ve had a strong pull lately to be in solitude in my free time, connect with Mother Earth, and use ceremony and ritual.  It’s brought forth a deep calm and assuring resonance.  I’ve been able to shed skins of how I’ve perceived myself, and gain glimpses of my truer capability less defined by conditioning and judgment.  It’s also brought forth the awareness of how important it is to be available as a conduit, or instrument during this time.  I wanted to write this blog earlier to offer help before the first eclipse on April 15th, but couldn’t summon the energy until today (interestingly enough 4/14/14).

I trust the timing of those it reaches now, to draw together in a higher awareness of what is taking place.  It is meant to benefit the whole of humanity, and is a natural cycle in our planetary evolution.  I would offer to those of you who are healers, counselors, and spiritual practitioners, to recognize your ability to reside in, and emanate, the energy of tranquility and compassion.  To send out beacons of love and blessings in prayer and meditation so those who need it can receive, as well as to help balance the energies on the planet.

Be here now, and be real now.  Stay calm and give your choices mature consideration.  Listen within and follow the guidance.  Open your heart with the willingness to release all former illusions and entrapments, and soar like a phoenix into the new birthing ground that is beckoning.

Enjoy the flight, reach out to others around you, and never doubt your ability to contribute to what is taking place.  How you see things, what you are prompted to offer, how you can give…. are valued and needed in every experience you are having.  The difference you make in your own life, is the difference you are making in the world and it goes both ways.

I appreciate you, celebrate you, and love you!


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Stops and Starts… the Power of March

Whew!  Planets going retrograde, planets going direct, daylight savings, and Spring Equinox… just a few of the highlights this month to spur us on and keep us agile in our mental shapeshifting abilities.  If you felt like you took a few punches recently, it’s just part of the terrain we’re all navigating, and you’re not alone.

This weekend’s full moon in Virgo (Sunday, 3/16) with the sun is in Pisces, offers powerful healing through deep awareness and detached observation. The best help we can give ourselves now is to drop all judgment, be proactive in relinquishing the ego’s point of view, and try to see the bigger picture.

March is ushering us forward with a resounding reminder:  we are here to share our visions and talents to contribute to the whole, not to prove our worth.   Whatever you have been unsuccessfully striving to accomplish, wherever you are holding on or have been blocked – put bluntly, if you are willing to let go of the ego’s narcissism and expand your viewpoint, you will be accepting the healing offered from the universal configurations at hand this month.

Don’t let anyone tell you they can’t change, you can’t change, or the world can’t change.  Change is the nature of life itself, and acceptance of our limitation is just an excuse not to try.  The awareness of our thoughts opens a space for conscious choice to disable subconscious conditioned beliefs, and with application, we can transform ourselves and our lives to embody the truth of our capability.

Spring Equinox (3/20) is the balance point of equal amount of light and dark.  By having the courage to recognize our own shadow through the events of the month and the full moon prior, we can heal and join Mother Earth’s balance point to plant new seeds in our collective consciousness from a place of alignment, connection, and unity.

It’s the perfect time to remember our outer smallness and inner greatness.  Nature always helps us see the bigger picture, so if you live in a place where the environment is overridden by the population that inhabits it, consider getting out to places where you can witness the majesty of the sky and the vastness of the Earth.

Contemplate, garden, hike, or just meditate.  Television programs like “Cosmos – A Spacetime Odyssey” (on Fox and National Geographic channels in the U.S.), can also help re-balance our perspective and reconnect us to the wonder and grandeur of our existence.

Whatever the circumstances; look deeply, open widely, and trust completely.  Let your soul help you remember the truth of your existence, and the power of March return you to the absolute knowing of how supported and loved you really are.

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2014 – The Beginning

Welcome to a New Year and get ready for lots of shifts.  How you position your Self will determine the direction you will be going, and this month’s blog is about just that.  I see two predominant themes for the year:  individually, it’s about listening; and collectively, the message is collaboration.

Let’s start with listening.  As we continue to courageously detach from the beliefs and values that can no longer sustain us, we often find ourselves in the void space of creation.  Rather than reacting in fear, we are learning to tread the waters of the unknown (and even embrace them) as we reexamine our inner truth and reflect on the possibilities.  In order to realize the changes we envision for ourselves and the world, we will be required to move into conviction, so it’s paramount that we listen within to get clear about what our truth is.

As we strengthen our conviction, we become more available for the cosmic positioning that will enable the manifestation of the higher good we envision.  There are no limits here.  This is the time to choose where you will place greater emphasis in the identification of your Self:  as a mortal body bound by the limitations of the physical realm, or an infinite Spiritual being with unlimited potential and resource.  What you believe is what your experience will ultimately be, and what you create will be the expression of that choice.

Collectively, we are moving into collaboration.  The span of my career has allowed me the the privilege of working with thousands of people from all parts of the world, and allows me to see the patterns of our change in consciousness.  The inner growth we’ve worked so hard to achieve is now reflected in all we are a part of, and a divine synchronization is bringing us together to create anew.

This year has already revealed a surge of new pairings of soul partners, many who are in their fifties.  I’ve also met young people that may not recognize themselves yet, but are so advanced within, they are clearly the spiritual leaders of their peers and families.  Our attentive inner alertness will be the guide to assure we are in the right place at the right time for these links to effortlessly continue, and our willingness to collaborate will further the promise of our future.

Here are some suggestions to support you in receiving and contributing to a year of miraculous blessings:

Replace New Year’s resolutions with Mantra Words

Choose the words that describe how you want to identify your Self or be.  Focus on the qualities that would be a transformation of your weakness.  Remove all judgments, knowing that the happier you are, the more you can contribute to the world.  Examples might be:  capable, resilient, forgiving, happy, healthy, trusting, successful, worthy, respectful, knowing, free, loved, willing, compassionate, etc.

You can apply these words to the “I Am” exercise in my last blog (a powerful way to transform the subconscious), put them on an altar, read them in bed at night, meditate on them, and/or remind yourself of them frequently throughout the day.

Time in Nature

Mother Earth is our true mother while we are in the physical.  She teaches us everything we need to know about birth, death, regeneration, and the cyclical nature of life.  Spending time with Her stimulates reflection, diminishes unconscious mental racing, brings forth our inner rhythm and timing, and promotes outer harmony.

We are also entering the Chinese year of the Horse this month, and the element relating to this sign is green wood, which speaks of greenery and nature.  Take walks, observe Her magnificence to see your own, share your thoughts and emotions out loud, and stop to pray.  She will inspire and instruct, and you will hear your Self more clearly.

Cultivate your spiritual connection

Meditate, pray, tone or chant

Create an altar as a place to surrender that which you need help with, or wish to transform

Use the service of a spiritual counselor or healer

Attend workshops, lectures, or retreats

Newly published books for spiritual inspiration and personal empowerment:  Life’s Operating Manual by Tom Shadyac, , A Year of Miracles (Daily Devotions & Reflections) by Marianne Williamson, Wishes Fulfilled (Mastering the Art of Manifesting) by Wayne Dyer, Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing by Anita Moorjani, and Mind over Medicine by Lissa Rankin

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