What’s Your Narrative?

The other day I heard a question posed about the current pandemic we are experiencing: “What’s your narrative?”

I found the query intriguing, got my journal out, and began to channel my reply from a deeper place within. This is what I wrote:

“Humanity is being overcome by technology. There is a massive power struggle taking place beyond our perception. This is an attempt to recreate the framework of our existence on this planet. The attempt is to disempower humanity, retain control using fear, and maintain the wielding of power by the hidden persons/organizations imposing their agendas.

The most important thing we can do is not participate in the stories being relentlessly presented that are a programming of fear and helplessness. Though I may waiver occasionally, to honor and follow and invest in my inner resonance that continues to transmit an assurance of my well-being and a conviction that there is falseness in what is being presented. To maintain awareness of the outer experience but hold the light of higher truth and become it, embody it. To choose what resonates within and follow that guidance.”

I was a little surprised at what came out. This is not to say that the virus that is killing thousands is not real, but to understand that there is something so much bigger taking place on our planet relating to control and domination, and the forces we are battling are those that diminish our potential and render us helpless, becoming followers of the status quo.

It is clear what status quo offers, we’ve been living it for eons of time. There is no simple exit strategy, but rather a necessary purging of mind and behavioral patterning that is so great it would usher in a consciousness that eliminates greed and hierarchy, and utilizes technology responsibly, in benefit of all life.

How this will occur is what we are in the midst of, which is why our greatest contribution during this time of sheltering at home, is to reassign our minds, choices and actions to adhere to our inner values and soulful longing to create lives that enrich and fulfill us, while contributing to the lives of others.

What’s your narrative?

About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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