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Watching the first two nights of the Democratic convention, my heart swelled and opened as uncontainable tears streamed down my face. The deep emotion and stirrings of hope rose past impacted layers of survival walls, simply from the relief of … Continue reading

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The Devaluing of Life

On this heart-opening day, watching the memorial for John Lewis, I can think of only one word for the effects our country (the Ununited States of America), is experiencing from its historically progressive devaluing of life: horror. Guns are used … Continue reading

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My Spirit Knows

My body may not be strong enough to join a protest on behalf of George Floyd, but my Spirit marches with everyone, in every city. My heart may be heavy with the historic injustice of non-white peoples, but my Spirit … Continue reading

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So, What’s New?

In our new pandemic lifestyle, we are recreating our lives and redetermining our values. And in the midst of the suffering and challenge, we have an incredible opportunity to reflect and review life from the inside out. In time, I’m … Continue reading

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What’s Your Narrative?

The other day I heard a question posed about the current pandemic we are experiencing: “What’s your narrative?” I found the query intriguing, got my journal out, and began to channel my reply from a deeper place within. This is … Continue reading

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Women’s March January 21, 2017

Though our nation has elected a president that speaks to a demand for economic change,  we cannot sacrifice respect for one another and human rights in the process, nor do we have to.  Women are uniting in cities throughout the United States on … Continue reading

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Eclipse Season – Riding the Magic Carpet

I used to have a recurring dream as a child, so pleasurable I went to sleep every night praying it would happen.  I’d see myself in my normal life, and from afar a magic carpet would come sweeping in to … Continue reading

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My Top Favorite Tools to Stay Connected

I’ve been getting so many requests lately about tools for staying connected (spiritually and within), that I thought I’d share my current top favorites: Pema Chodron cd’s and books Pema Chodron is a Buddhist nun and reknowned spiritual teacher whose … Continue reading

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Creating a New Structure of Support

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been cultivating the ability to let go.  The experiences in this year almost passed, have so boldly revealed our individual and collective dysfunction, that it’s become impossible for even the most hardened … Continue reading

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The Center Place of Stillness

I hadn’t planned to write today, but the larger forces brewing compelled me to stop and send this message.  In the eye of a tornado, is a place of calm.  At the bottom of a churning sea, there is stillness.  … Continue reading

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