Eclipse Season, and the Changes We Are Going Through

A New Moon solar eclipse in Aries on Wednesday, April 19th, signals another momentous period of change is at hand. Since eclipses always come about two weeks apart, the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th, assures us that deep feelings will surface, offering a chance to sort things out.

Through this period, there is an emphasis on choosing what we’re finished with (or perhaps experiencing sudden news of endings that are out of our control), and setting clear intentions for new ways we want to create, be and live.

We’re already in the midst of so much change that this can feel overwhelming. The past may arise in ways that are emotionally challenging. Last night I had dreams of places I used to live and relationships that ended long ago. Old patterns of wounding can surface, magnifying our personal struggles. With Scorpio involved, there is no question an exploration of the depths of our human experience will occur. But Scorpio is also the astrological sign that holds the greatest potential for transcendence and that is where we can focus and direct our energy.

As an intuitive channel and empath who is passionately invested in how we evolve, I do pay attention to local and world events. I relate to all life as One, so it is impossible not to feel grief and despair watching the old paradigms of separatism and dominion fighting it out at the cost of our very lives, or have days when it’s all just too much. I’ve learned to accept taking naps, the inability to accomplish anything, and most importantly… myself as I am. In doing so, the momentum to continue and overcome always resumes.

We are all meant to be part of this evolution and are empowered far more than we realize. We’re being stripped of the illusions of safety and “normalcy” to shatter our conditioning so we can re-create based on what we know in our hearts and souls about respect for all life and our infinite potential to love. If we feel powerless to be effective collectively, we can focus on being effective in our personal lives. We can become clearer about our priorities and shapeshift our lives by making new choices.

This eclipse period can help catapult us in the direction we want to go if we flow with it, creating changes that serve us and working with the changes that appear. Fearlessly reflect on what arises for you. Process what you are going through with nurturing and deep compassion. Command your capability to let go and to create anew. Plant the seeds of your ideas. Have faith and patience, and summon your soul so you can trust and realize your innate ability to soar.

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2 Responses to Eclipse Season, and the Changes We Are Going Through

  1. Judy Krings says:

    Oh my gosh Nancy. The message you gave us explains so much of my Sunday and Monday experiences. I feel better just having that information. It was like getting a private reading. Thank you.

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