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Eclipse Season, and the Changes We Are Going Through

A New Moon solar eclipse in Aries on Wednesday, April 19th, signals another momentous period of change is at hand. Since eclipses always come about two weeks apart, the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th, assures us … Continue reading

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Touching Death

Something happened to me today. During one of my regular spinal procedures, I experienced aspiration/regurgitation, vomiting while under anesthesia, which can lead to death. When I first became conscious, I was laying on my back with a team of doctors … Continue reading

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New Beginnings, Spring Equinox

The New Moon in Aries on March 21st, along with the Spring Equinox March 20th, is bringing a significant shift of energy for stimulating new beginnings and increasing the momentum for forward movement. Yay!! Though I’ve been loving every moment … Continue reading

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Welcome, 2023!

Looking at the numerology of 2023, I took a massively deep breath that landed in the bottom of my lungs and rested in numbing relief. The numerology of 2022 featured extreme emotionality that affected plans and created delays, at the … Continue reading

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You’re Not Crazy

Ok, weird title, but this goes out to all my conscious, loving friends and people who are doubting, judging, or faulting themselves. If no one gets you, things are not going as you’d planned, dreams are not panning out, and/or … Continue reading

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The Difference Kindness Makes

In the midst of colossal change and loss on a collective level, it’s understandable to have occasional feelings of helplessness. We are being pushed hard to quickly adapt, thoroughly let go, and create new solutions to historic problems. The pressure … Continue reading

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Becoming No-Body

At a time when we are inundated with distressing news and events, along with personal challenges that are pushing us to grow beyond old limitations and mental constructs, there is an important practice that allows us to release from attachment … Continue reading

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Shifting with the Winds

(I began this blog before the recent school mass shooting in Texas, and have added something at the end, in reference.) Change is the constant, the nature of life, and we’re all feeling its demands and repercussions more than ever. … Continue reading

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Chronic Pain….and other considerations

The title of this post is the reason I’ve not written since December 2020, and I wanted to update my readers (if anyone is still there, lol), share my experience, and support those who suffer similar conditions. It’s a milestone … Continue reading

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What is Happening?

Waking up on Christmas morning to the news of the bombing in Nashville, I wanted to add an update to my last blog, reflecting on 2020. As an empath and spiritual counselor, I sometimes slide into the overwhelm and weight … Continue reading

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