The Stage We’re In

As we continue moving forward together in unprecedented times, it’s helpful to understand the stages we’re in, just as the medical community is attempting to discover the stages of the coronavirus that is altering life as we know it.

Make no mistake, we are still in shock, attempting to assimilate the radical changes of shelter-at-home, physical distancing and isolation, and the impending effect on our health and economy.  Amidst the instantaneous paradigm shift that has rocked us, we are adapting daily to new information and directives, while searching for personal sustenance physically, emotionally, spiritually, and materially.

The stage of shock requires patience and compassion.  It is not the stage of having all the answers or the energetic momentum for moving forward.  It is not the time to try hard or force things, in order to feel more secure.

As we continue with day-to-day demands based on our lives and families, we have to integrate moments of pause, time for getting rest, and cultivate our connection to the Earth, to Spirit/God, and to oneself.   Our best guidance will come from those connections, for we are far more capable of innovation and adaptation than our autopilot subconscious would lead us to believe.

We have to recognize that news is a virus if we don’t use it correctly, and can infect our minds just as easily, taking us into a downward spiral.   I recently heard Joe Dispenza say about our current challenge, “we have to keep one foot in the quantum world and the other in the physical world”.   Looking at that balance in your own life can reflect where and how to invest more.

In the stage of shock, the guidance and remedies are:  patience, trust, allowing, surrendering, listening within, grieving, taking baby steps or stopping when you are overwhelmed, expressing yourself, reaching out, and praying.  Pray for help needed, pray for others, pray for the Earth and all of humanity, and pray for the illumination of our path in this global transformation.

What can we trust?  We can trust that there is a greater purpose in what is happening that relates to our collective evolution and growth.  We can trust that within that greater purpose lies the support we need to see our way through, though we may not see how.  We can trust our inherent power, value, and capability as infinite beings given an infinite capacity to love.

Though our hearts are more closed now in this stage of shock and protection, they will slowly open, and just as a flower blooms, there will be new fragrance, color, design, life, and expression.   The full beauty of our individuality will merge with the greater beauty of the whole, and we will create new patterns together:  patterns and paradigms that support all life and reflect our true potential.

It’s a long haul, so let’s monitor the stages of transformation together, apply our wisdom and practices accordingly, and help each other get through.  This is opportunity.

About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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