Adjusting to Crisis

It’s shocking to be in the midst of a global health crisis, but here we are.  The quicker we can accept the reality of this new terrain, the more capable we will be in it.  Rather than follow the model of the catastrophe-movies we’ve been fed far too long, or wait for a faltering government to illuminate our way, we can summon forth our inner resilience, higher consciousness, and compassionate hearts to respond in a spirit of generosity.

Every one of us has an inner guidance system that is perfectly equipped to guide us each day and to interpret the data we are fed.  This internal guidance is best heard and felt when we are in balance with our Spirit, body, mind and emotions.  When a crisis threatens that balance, we can recover it through a number of ways:

Alone time in stillness, like meditation                                                                                      Being in nature                                                                                                                                        Prayer                                                                                                                                                      Yoga, exercise, physical movement                                                                                                      Breath work                                                                                                                                        Journaling                                                                                                                                        Creativity                                                                                                                                                Singing, music, sound therapy                                                                                                              Relaxation through massage, acupuncture, energy treatments                                              Consulting with spiritual counselors and practitioners 

From our renewed sense of balance and centering, the clarity and inspiration for action comes through us more effortlessly:

Who can I call to check in on?   For those who live alone, hearing from someone who cares, can keep their spirits lifted.

What can I do to help someone today?  On a neighbor in my community offered to get groceries for anyone who wasn’t able to go out.

With the prosperity I have, how can I assist someone who lives day-to-day?  Whether it’s ordering out from your local restaurants, or surprising someone with a donation, your giving can be a bridge of connection and relief.  What goes around comes around.

What task can I accomplish that I haven’t had time for?  Cleaning out drawers and closets, getting taxes done, gardening, or just getting current on chores can bring satisfaction.

How can I take care of myself today?  Nurturing your body with rest and sleep, eating and cooking nutritious foods, taking luxurious baths, being outside, moving and dancing, and doing things that bring enjoyment decreases stress and keeps the immune system strong.

As we limit our social interaction to prevent the spread of the virus, we now have the space and time to connect more deeply with ourselves and those in our immediate environment.   It’s an incredible opportunity to return to the rituals that bring us together:  sharing meals, taking walks, creating something together, making music, listening to each other, writing about the experience, reading stories, playing games.

We will come through this – personally and globally – with greater awareness of our inter-connectedness, how to maintain our health, and how to manage our lives.  In the midst of that which doesn’t work (fear, panic, failure of systems, floundering leadership), we can recreate our response to global crisis on a daily basis, determining how to face and move through this temporary cycle in greater harmony, with distribution of love, health care, material goods, and help that reaches everyone.

Every small act of love and kindness joins the greater flow of good in motion, and inspires more people to act in kind.  This is our chance to demonstrate the power we have as human beings to defy the old constructs of separation and lack, and show up in unity and strength.  May you all be well!





About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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1 Response to Adjusting to Crisis

  1. Judy krings says:

    Very well said Nancy. Thank you for sharing. It is amazing to still have you as a friend for about 55 years. It was 17 years ago today my Dad had a stroke and was in a coma for 10 days. Chris, Marie, Carol and I all stayed together with him. It’s always about sticking together and sharing love and support. Thanks again Nancy.

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