What’s Your Frequency?

As we move collectively toward a new decade in the context of a continuing change of consciousness, a more valuable question than the classic “What’s your sign?” in getting to know someone, would be “What’s your frequency?”.

It’s a question to ask ourselves, as well, and often.  Because what will matter most as we face the more dramatic shifts ahead, is the frequency we are operating in.  The lower frequencies are those based on fear, guilt, shame, separation, greed, disease, control, and dysfunction.  The higher frequencies are those of love, wholeness, compassion, kindness, faith, unity, hope, and creativity.

2019 has been a year of positioning ourselves for the impending changes through a relentless demand to let go, inwardly and outwardly, of what no longer serves or supports us.  Every one of us has had to let go:  of someone through death or change in the form of the relationship, of a job, a home, a way of life, beliefs that imprison us, or any number of vital connections we have clung to for our existence and identity.

It’s been a sometimes sudden and brutal severing at the root, with the need for change outweighing any attempted claim to fear and resistance.  If we haven’t been able to initiate it on our own, the Universe brought forth the perfect circumstances to force our hand.  If you have gone along with these major changes (no matter how ugly the process was), give yourself a giant pat on the back and know you are in the better position for life’s adventure.  If you have not, or continue struggling to change what you clearly or subconsciously recognize is holding you back, there is still a small window of time open to step up and chart your course in a new direction.  If nothing else, set your intentions clearly and strive for them.

Astrologically, we’re in a defining moment of time, and our choices are critical to our future.  It just occurred to me that it’s like a karmic re-set:  repeat the patterns or recreate them.  By mid-December, and especially when the eclipses begin December 25th, if we haven’t let go of our attachment to the lower-frequency friends, partners, jobs, thoughts, habits, behaviors, and choices of experience, we will potentially remain stuck in them for quite a long time.

This is no small undertaking.  It requires courage, clarity, awareness, faith, vision, trust, and conviction.   It commands us to walk our talk, integrate the wounds and healing,  listen from within and follow the guidance, respond rather than react, and allow what we cannot see or know to be revealed.

We are also being positioned for leadership:  in our families, communities, and work places.  To lead from the wisdom of our minds, yes, but also from the wisdom of our hearts and souls.  We may never have imagined ourselves as the ones to lead, but we are the very ones needed to organically weave the light of integrity into the darkness of control, and create new patterns of interaction in business and human relationship.

The better gifts we might consider giving for the holidays would be gifts of honesty, integrity, presence, extending love, sharing, caring, and contributing to someone’s higher good, even in the smallest way.  The rest doesn’t really matter.  It’s connection through love, kindness, compassion, and unity, that will see us through these cycles of transformation and enable us to rise together.

Wishing you the best and sending my love, gratitude, prayers, and blessings to you All!





About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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