I rejoin with you today on a New Moon, an auspicious cycle for planting seeds and taking steps to create greater fertility in our lives and in the world.   But in the midst of countless tragedies (from environmental disasters to mass shootings) and a precarious and volatile presidency in the U.S., many of us feel heavy in our hearts and tired in our bodies and minds.

Given the pervasive impact of recent events and the collective consciousness itself, I wanted to acknowledge the vastness of what we are all processing and help to reignite our capacity to create through imagining beyond the evident.   Albert Einstein spoke often of the power of imagination:  “Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

How true that is!  But our minds are so conditioned to imagine negative possibilities that it has become difficult to imagine hopeful ones.   Worry comes from imagining what we fear and most forms of media we are exposed to on a daily basis, infect and promote the fear-based mind.  This is why it is so critical to practice meditation and regularly supply the mind with materials that reflect higher truths and our higher selves.

So on this New Moon (or any day you come upon this blog) despite your own fatigue or difficulties, consider the power you have been given to create through your imagination, and determine to lead your mind rather than be led by it.  Here are some tips that can help.

Replace worry with wonder:  “I wonder what I’ll be inspired to create today.   I wonder how much love I can share and receive today.    I wonder how I’ll be supported today.   I wonder how many ways money can arrive in my bank account.   I wonder how the world will support my children today.   I wonder how I will be healed.   I wonder how we can all heal and come together in peace.   I wonder what I can contribute.   I wonder what I really want.   I wonder how many ways I can have fun today.   I wonder how brilliant and capable I really am.   I wonder how this can change.”

Be curious instead of afraid or judgmental.  Curiosity inspires wonder, innocence, and trust.  We can all relate to getting angry when we’re driving because someone has been careless or traffic is jammed.  What if we got curious first?  “I wonder what’s causing the hold-up?  I wonder what that person is going through to cause them to drive in that manner?  I wonder how I can handle this frustration in a better way?”  In any hurtful or painful experience, try being curious first.

Pray ahead the day.  Check in with yourself to be aware of how your body, mind, heart, emotions, and spirit are doing.  Based on that check-in and knowing your general plans for the day, imagine how you want to be – how you want to act – how you want to feel.  See yourself in that way until you feel the accompanying emotion, and pray for the help to realize and sustain it.

Re-training our minds to use our imagination for the highest good is like exercising our bodies.  It takes commitment and practice and the more we do it, the stronger we get and the easier it becomes.  We don’t have to succumb to the effects of the collective streams of consciousness that are fear based and fake news (sorry!).  We are all creative beings who can command the ability to imagine our passions, lives, relationships, and world.  We are all creators through the thoughts, actions, and choices we make each day.  And we can all learn to be conscious and direct our imagination to create our dreams of a flourishing, loving, healthy humanity and earth.  And by the way…. it feels wonderful!

P.S.  For anyone wondering what a spiritual counseling session/intuitive reading with me is like, this podcast is an excellent, entertaining description and introduction to two fabulous women writers I had the privilege of working with recently – Liz Craft and Sarah Fain.  Enjoy!



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