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Transforming Mother’s Day – Honoring the Sacred Feminine

Mother’s Day can be a wonderful celebration of our mothers, whether they are alive or have passed; and it can also be a day of honoring our authentic experience, and offering reverence for the aspects of the sacred feminine in … Continue reading

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Eclipse Zone Update – Weather changes

I forgot to mention in my last blog, that with one of the three eclipses taking place in the sign of Taurus (New Moon solar eclipse May 9th), there is likelihood of a strong impact on our environment. In southern … Continue reading

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My Top Favorite Tools to Stay Connected

I’ve been getting so many requests lately about tools for staying connected (spiritually and within), that I thought I’d share my current top favorites: Pema Chodron cd’s and books Pema Chodron is a Buddhist nun and reknowned spiritual teacher whose … Continue reading

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Transforming Our Needs

A friend of mine is going through a painful breakup, and though he is clearly aware of the wisdom of his choice, the absence of his partner initially brought up strong waves of emotional and physical neediness that was hard … Continue reading

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Creating a New Structure of Support

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been cultivating the ability to let go.  The experiences in this year almost passed, have so boldly revealed our individual and collective dysfunction, that it’s become impossible for even the most hardened … Continue reading

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Between Now and the Election

It’s becoming more evident every day.  People are taking sides about the election and the increasing polarization is affecting the collective consciousness;  it’s angry out there! I walk through my favorite neighborhood every evening, and the beautiful homes I’ve always … Continue reading

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Having Tea with Mother Earth

Tea time is a lovely ritual of pausing to consciously relax and enjoy our connection with one another and the sustenance we are given.  With every sip, we acknowledge the delicacy and sumptuousness the Earth provides as the ritual itself … Continue reading

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Contemplations on 2012

There is not a day that goes by where it is not blatantly clear that the nature of our lives has drastically changed.  It’s palpable:  the texture of the day, the sense of a greater energy within and around us, … Continue reading

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Waking Up In The Morning….and Other Tales of Misadventure

In our family, my mother had a bit of a reputation for NOT being a “morning person”.  Her pulse didn’t even register until she painstakingly made her way to the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee (no, back then … Continue reading

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Eliminating the “Attack” in Our Relationships

The changes abounding on the planet are shining a bright light on our relationships, and beyond the relentless exposure of behaviors that keep us in disharmony, lies the promise of a new world unity that reflects the truth of our … Continue reading

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