My Top Favorite Tools to Stay Connected

I’ve been getting so many requests lately about tools for staying connected (spiritually and within), that I thought I’d share my current top favorites:

Pema Chodron cd’s and books

Pema Chodron is a Buddhist nun and reknowned spiritual teacher whose materials are insanely helpful for…well…insanity!

Getting Unstuck – how to get unhooked from the shenpa’s, or triggers in our lives (mostly caused by other people, especially our relatives!)

From Fear to Fearlessness – overcoming fear and living in present moment consciousness

This Moment is Your Perfect Teacher – how to use any experience for inner growth and transformation

Smile at Fear – transforming fear, maintaining self awareness in the midst of fear

All of her material offers very practical Buddhist techniques that can be easily and instantly applied, and anything you find by her will be worthwhile.

Marianne Williamson cd’s and books

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer on the Course in Miracles, a spiritual psychological training designed to move our consciousness from fear to love.  Many of you know that I attend Marianne’s weekly lectures in Los Angeles ( as part of my own spiritual practice, and it’s a wonderful chance to be in like-minded community, while inspired by such a powerful woman whom Jean Houston says “never bores God”.

Some of her books are:

Return to Lovecliff notes for the Course in Miracles

The Law of Divine Compensation – on work, money & miracles

A Woman’s Worth – self explanatory

The Age of Miracles – embracing the new mid-life

A Course in Weight Loss – weight loss through spiritual principles

Meditations for a Miraculous Life – one of my favorite meditation cd’s


Wayne Dyer’s book, Getting in the Gap, taught me what meditation is, and how to do it, many years ago.

For the past six years, I’ve been using a program called Holosync, which is a series of cd’s with a sound technology that creates the same patterns in the brain as deep meditation.  Using headphones with eyes closed, you listen to the sound of falling rain and soft gongs in the background.  The program progresses in graduated levels as you adapt, and you can also record your own subliminal affirmations onto the cd’s, which is extremely helpful for moving beyond conditioned patterns of thought and behavior.  Each level costs around $200, and you can order it or learn more at  Just ignore the awful sales hype.  This tool has been invaluable for me and I use it daily.  (I also get referral credits, so if you purchase it, let me know.)

Other Favorite Authors

Eckhart Tolle (Power of Now)

Don Miguel Ruiz (Four Agreements, Mastery of Love)


And for extraordinary visual meditation, visit and click “gallery” and “mandalas” to see one of my client’s beautiful artistry.

Well, I went a bit longer than anticipated, but I hope this is helpful.  And, of course, there is always the most useful tool of having a reading with a fabulous spiritual counselor, so I’m always delighted to support you!  Let me know some of your favorite tools and I’ll be happy to include them in an upcoming blog.

Happiness and Blessings,



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