The Cleansing Eclipses

I’ve been incubating after a recent move, so thank you for your patience in awaiting this blog!  It’s just in time to tell you about the powerful eclipse zone that began with a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio April 25 (did you notice some heightened emotions?) to be followed by a new moon solar eclipse in Taurus May 9, with yet another full moon lunar eclipse May 24/25 (depending on your time zone in the U.S.), in Sagittarius.

In astrology, eclipses are harbingers of change, designed to catapult us beyond our current limitations by bringing to the forefront what which needs to be faced in order to grow.  They always occur two weeks apart, offering a brief period for integration and recalibration, but one has to work quickly and diligently within these great forces to realize the heights of their offering.  By June 1, the reverberations will begin to settle.

Given that the Universe is the ultimate expert on growth, this period deserves our deepest reflection and willingness to respond.  We are not just being handed a gift, we are being asked to participate so that our resistance will not continue to suffocate us, personally or globally.  Denial and resistance cannot be maintained without great conflict during an eclipse period.  I wouldn’t even try!

Instead, look for the opportunities to make positive changes of all kinds.  The areas of your own dissatisfaction will clearly point to where you can apply yourself, as well as the reflection from others of any pain you’re causing through your actions or non-action.  Don’t let your procrastination or judgment deny you the results that will benefit us all.  We CAN change, we CAN improve, and we CAN transform the human experience.  If you’ve ever wondered what your purpose is, it’s nothing less than to heal the world through love in action – and the eclipses are asking you to engage now, not later.

During this period, apply your spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, visualization, or chanting.  Listen to your inner wisdom, follow your intuition, and offer your willingness to be an instrument for higher good.  Pray for the help you need to heal and transform, and pray for the healing and transformation the world needs.  Use ceremonies and rituals to support our cyclical movement forward, for they bless us all.

If you’re on track in your life, you’re already noticing significant changes occurring from your efforts.  And if you’re not, it’s never too late.  We can choose again in every single moment.  Any choice you make to be in higher thought and take higher action, will engage the cosmic energies in assisting you.  And any act born of genuine love, has the power to unravel lifetimes of suffering.

Through our willingness and conscious participation, we can utilize the intentional momentum of the eclipses and make gargantuan leaps over the old hurdles of our progress toward unity.  Be unfathomably generous with others now.  Be unfathomably generous, and the Universe will respond in kind.

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2 Responses to The Cleansing Eclipses

  1. Sheppard Lake says:

    Looks like that incubation served you well – beautiful post!


    Sheppard Lake Sheppard Lake Coaching PO Box 4826 Cave Creek, AZ 85327 480-575-6860

    “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi

  2. Yvonne Larson says:

    ALWAYS the perfect message in the perfect time. Thank you for the time and blog “born of genuine love…” reminding me of “the power to unravel lifetimes of suffering.”

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