Eclipse Zone Update – Weather changes

I forgot to mention in my last blog, that with one of the three eclipses taking place in the sign of Taurus (New Moon solar eclipse May 9th), there is likelihood of a strong impact on our environment.

In southern California near Malibu, where I live, there are fires raging which were spread by incredibly forceful winds whipping through the canyons all day yesterday.  A small earthquake occurred Thursday evening, and we’ve been in record breaking high temperatures.  Meanwhile, the midwest is undergoing historic snowstorms, so there is clearly wild fluctuation taking place in our weather patterns.

It’s a good reminder that Mother Earth is simultaneously going through the changes inspired by the eclipses, and we are in this together.  She teaches us to respect our inter-connectedness with all life and how to work with forces greater than ourselves.  And She reflects our Oneness through the experiences we all share in living upon Her.

I received an email from a neighbor this morning, who was alarmed about the encroaching fires and had been watching them on television all through the night.  It was like opening an invitation to attend a fear party.  My internal wisdom was crystal clear there was nothing to worry about, though I did check the media to be informed.  As I sat on my patio, I observed a huge hawk that came to perch on a telephone pole, and I knew the animals would reveal any upcoming signs of potential danger.  Sure enough, the winds calmed and changed direction, greatly diminishing the fire’s movement toward us.

This is not to ignore the destruction that is occurring.  It’s to say we do not need to fuel it with our fear.  It’s to say we can command our minds to invoke miracles for every situation upon us.  This is an honoring time; a time of reverence and respect for the greater forces in motion, and for one another.  We can trust that the internal and external changes initiated by the eclipses, are for the good of the greater mind/body collective we are a part of.  Rather than react from fear to the circumstances that threaten us, we can use them to cultivate our ability to stay present, alert, and responsive.  We will surely be guided, and guided surely, if we seek the truth and listen within.

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  1. Sheppard Lake says:

    Beautiful message and thank you for letting us know you are ok!


    Sheppard Lake Sheppard Lake Coaching PO Box 4826 Cave Creek, AZ 85327 480-575-6860

    “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi

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