Between Now and the Election

It’s becoming more evident every day.  People are taking sides about the election and the increasing polarization is affecting the collective consciousness;  it’s angry out there!

I walk through my favorite neighborhood every evening, and the beautiful homes I’ve always admired are drawing quite a different response from me as I pass the political signs in the yards.  In seconds, my judgment races ahead of me and projects distasteful imaginings about the people inside.  Or else I find myself stopping to raise my arms in celebration and shriek an affirmative “Yes!” out loud.   And I’m a disciplined spiritual practitioner!

It doesn’t take a lot of awareness to recognize what our unchecked reactions are creating:  division, hostility, separation, and fear.  We’re strained and edgy, even while hopeful – and it’s not helping the economy we’re all so concerned about, our relationships to one another, or any other aspect of our well-being.

It took me several days of walking in that neighborhood to raise my consciousness.  I had to observe myself and carefully register the thoughts and emotions I was having.  How could this house look so different to me now because of this signpost?  Why would I want to condemn the people inside for thinking differently, even for a moment?  What was I afraid of?  If I was an alien who just landed on the planet, how would I be viewing these signs on a stick?

On the third day, my mind encountered enlightenment.  “Isn’t this lovely?  All these different houses with people who get to believe however they wish!  Aren’t we all so beautiful and precious, evolving in our own ways?”  I swear I wasn’t high.  And then I glimpsed the realization that the higher good of our country was held safely in the higher realms of consciousness, with full provision for this grand movement forward, to serve us all.  But let us help in this movement, and not hinder.

It’s the awareness of our thoughts, the recognition of their effect, and the willingness to see things differently that brings forth the shift of consciousness to put us in the realm of unlimited possibility for divine outcome.   Please join me between now and the election to cleanse our minds and hearts before we speak our truths, and embrace one another with love and respect, so that which is best for humanity can gracefully emerge.

In deepest gratitude,


About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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