Staying Above the Story

In the midst of the devastating effects of “monster storm Sandy” and the uncertainty of our upcoming presidential election here in the United States (among our other challenges), we have two distinct options.  We can either engage at the level of the story, thereby escalating the drama and fear; or we can rise above the story, where we can remain alert and receptive to ideas sourced from a higher realm.  Rather than a disassociation, it’s a conscious move to a position of greater effectiveness.

After watching the news last night to glean the current state of affairs, I chose to spend an hour this morning in meditation before beginning the day.  A bit later, my housemate came downstairs with a troubling story about her business and some serious difficulties that had arisen.  Because I had meditated, I was able to observe my initial impulse to join her in the story and commiserate; hoping, of course, to assuage her pain.  Instead, that awareness gave pause to an intense desire to find a more meaningful response.

From the seeking born of love, and that oh-so-slight space of consciousness, came a transcendent offering.  I was utterly filled with a calm, internal knowing that we are safe within a self-correcting Universe, and her troubles were already being resolved.  With conviction, I could then align myself with that truth on her behalf, and hold it for her as I continued to offer my support by listening and loving her unconditionally.  This is the place where miracles are born.

As I continued the activities of the day, more ideas streamed in:  contact the people you know in the area of the storm – let them know you care for them and want to assist in any way you can; write this blog; remain in a prayerful and alert state of willingness to be used for the highest good.

While we continue to deal with personal and global traumas, fear does not have to prevail; we can have power over fear.  Not only can we develop our skills for dealing with any loss or form of crisis, we can achieve excellence in the process and realize miraculous solutions, by remaining present from the true state of our being.  So as we face the storms together, here are some suggestions for realizing your divine purpose and inherent capability:

Meditate so you can clear your mind and be available to Source/God.

Instead of calling or emailing someone to speak of the horrors of the situation, contact them in order to pray together.

Bring excellence to whatever you are responsible for in your own life this day.

Give something to someone; make a difference in someone’s life today.

Realize your capability to be love in action, and follow through with an idea.

Post angels everywhere they are needed, and then be one.

About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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2 Responses to Staying Above the Story

  1. Sheppard Lake says:

    A beautiful message, Nancy. Thank you!

    Much love,


    Sheppard Lake A Conscious Life Coaching PO Box 4826 Cave Creek, AZ 85327 571-232-6874 (mobile)

    “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Rumi

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