Seeing the Light

It seems like life has become a daily practice of concerted effort to see beyond the darkness, whether it’s personal or global challenges we’re facing.  We are being given so many opportunities to collapse or rise in any given day, that our heads should all be spinning.  But our spiritual purpose is to see the light, through and beyond the illusions and suffering we’ve created from our collectively trained minds.

Our suffering is evidenced when we feel anger, judgment, pain, hostility, or depression.  And it’s clearly seen on a global scale through disease, poverty, and our warring nations.  But this is not a time to give in to the helplessness we feel in any given day or moment.  This is a time to make a stand, have a voice, and be willing to see things differently.

We are, literally, the light of God embodied.  Call it Spirit, Universe, Buddha, Allah, or anything you wish, but it is the same source energy that reflects our true nature and perfection, and it is eternal and changeless.  The more we relate to ourselves from our spiritual identity, the closer we move to the possibility of Heaven on Earth.

A friend of mine, in her compassionate desire to console me when I’m struggling to overcome a limitation, will occasionally say, “But Nancy, you’re only human.”  And that’s the point:  we aren’t only human!  We are spiritual beings with infinite resource to overcome the limitations we’ve created from falsely claiming dominion over the physical plane and thus creating a world based on fear.  We can no longer afford to ignore our inherent potential to create from love and unleash the miracles that will heal the suffering.

As the light of God, we are given the power to love unconditionally, though our minds would tell us that’s the last thing we should be doing.  “What, become a doormat?”  “Give up being right?”  “Let go of your addictive personality?”  “Who do you think you are?”

Loving unconditionally would mean we are able to identify with ourselves as spiritual beings, and recognize everyone else in the same “light”.  We would exist in the awareness of our Oneness, with an inherent respect for all life and a willingness to forgive.  Rather than accepting destructive behaviors in ourselves or others, we would be free to create from love, not fear.  It is from this premise, and this premise only, that we can redefine our world, and bring forth solutions that free us to to be here as we were created to be: the light and love of God in glorious full expression; the same expression of exquisite beauty we see in Mother Earth every day, and in the Universe beyond Her.

Here are some powerful techniques and truths to remember when you cannot “see the light” in yourself or in another.  Some are derived from lectures by Marianne Williamson and the Course in Miracles, and some are my own inspiration:

Immediately upon waking in the morning, direct your mind to the awareness to your Spirit.  Use your imagination to picture any image that reflects your Oneness with God and All That Is.  Yield the day to your Spirit, to God, and ask for the support you need to be its full expression.

Pray ahead the day.  Before engaging in mental or physical activity each day, pray for yourself, for everyone on your path that day, and for the world.  Let your heart reveal what you are called to pray for.

Whenever you catch yourself having unloving thoughts:  stop, close your eyes, and breathe.  Then say (to whomever you pray to):  “Dear God, I am not in my right mind.  I see that I am attacking myself and others with my thoughts.  Please help me.  I’m willing to see this differently.”  Then let go and let God.  You will receive the help you need to shift your perspective.

“You can have a grievance or a miracle, but you can’t have both.  Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.  All expressions of love are maximal.”  Course in Miracles

You are limitless in your capacity to love and you are needed for all of humanity, so put fear aside, and shine the light of your loving Spirit as brightly and generously as you can today!

About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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