Is Your Mind Pre-Occupied?

The miracle you are asking for is in the present moment.  It can’t be found in a past that is no longer, or a future not yet realized.  Neither exist but in our minds, and if our minds are pre-occupied with projections or dwelling in either direction, then the power of our creative potential will be spent in repeating history or imagining what the undisciplined mind most easily envisions:  outcomes based on worries, fears, and grievances.

A pre-occupied mind is demanding at best, and dangerous at worst.  It can distract you, consume you, and create countless illusions to entrap you.  It will obscure the beauty in your midst, deny you intimacy in relationships, and camouflage the signs that confirm the presence of universal support taking place on your behalf.  The undisciplined, pre-occupied mind can’t register glimpses of truth long enough for them to be sustained, leaving the power of creation within you, subject to the greater unconsciousness around you.  It can, literally, give away your good.

So how do we discipline our minds so they aren’t interfering with the blessings and power of the present moment?  This is the purpose of having a daily spiritual practice that includes meditation.  Without it, we forfeit our greatest advantage for maintaining higher consciousness while in the midst of a predominating fear-based thought system.

As a life-long seeker of spiritual truth and universal law, my searching has led to many paths of belief and practice.  Some of them include:  organized religion, metaphysics, Religious Science, Native American spirituality, studies of indigenous cultures, Buddhism, and, most recently, the Course in Miracles as taught by Marianne Williamson in weekly lectures which I’ve been attending for the past three years.

Each has offered some type of spiritual practice that cultivated my ability to access universal wisdom while developing the discipline of my mind.  I would add that my devotion to spending time in nature has been as substantial a teacher.  There are many options for meditating and developing a spiritual practice, and your heart is an excellent guide for finding the path most suitable for you.  Follow through on your intuitive promptings:  read the book, take the class, make the altar, seek the counselor.

When I was in my twenties, someone sent me Unity’s Daily Word, a small booklet published monthly with spiritual teachings for each day.  I remember not understanding the meaning of the words and being turned off by some of the religious terminology, but I recognized truth, and one day I decided that if I could practice even one sentence of the text, I would realize the inner growth I was so compelled to pursue.  That became my focus and twenty years later, I not only understood the language, I was well practiced in the application.

Whether a beginner or an advanced practitioner, training in mindfulness can be your greatest gift to yourself and to the world.  It liberates our true potential and makes us available as conduits for the limitless possibilities that exist in the present.  It builds our spiritual muscles so that losing faith is no longer easy, but difficult.  Alertness becomes our natural state, and guidance is inherently accessible.  In unity with others and in harmony with the whole, the miracles we all need can be realized.

If you would like assistance with meditation or developing a spiritual practice, please contact me to schedule an appointment.

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