Creating a New Structure of Support

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been cultivating the ability to let go.  The experiences in this year almost passed, have so boldly revealed our individual and collective dysfunction, that it’s become impossible for even the most hardened of mind and heart to ignore.  Denial is out, and confrontation with compassion, is in.

Even though there are still many places (in ourselves and in the world), where the dysfunction is rampant and destruction is high, we are moving forward as One.  We are learning to be more present and responsive to one another as our motivation to change continues to grow.  We find that whenever we do stay present, open, and willing to see, a clarity emerges to enlighten our way, and we are given the support we ask for.

Just as our administration in the United States is striving to create a new structure of support for our economic health within a dysfunctional system, we are spiritually called to create a new internal structure based on love, to support a monumental shift of  consciousness in humanity.

In this great flux of our human journey, as we collectively reflect on our past this New Year’s Eve, and look to the future we’d like to realize in the year ahead, we can determine how to do that with an individual consideration of the following:

What spiritual support will nourish my connection to the infinite Source I come from (who some call God), and help me realize my limitless nature?

What support can I create for my mind to be clear and capable of sustaining higher consciousness?

Given my experiences and relationships, what structure of support will encourage my emotional maturity and wholeness?

What support structure can I create for my physical body to return to, or maintain, its optimum health?

What tapestry of support can I weave for my talents to flourish and my gifts to be shared, that I might enhance world community?

If we inquire collectively, we would simply ask, “How can we create from love instead of fear, and how can I support that shift in consciousness?”.

Whatever new structure of support we create for ourselves that helps sustain the growth we have achieved and continue to strive for, will be a shared blueprint of new support for humanity’s growth.  Each of our gifts, ideas, talents, truth, and vision, are a needed contribution and no offering is unworthy or insignificant.

As a new year opens a new door, I hope you will join me in taking some time to consider the structures of support we can create to ensure our transcendence beyond the conditioning that has imprisoned our possibility.  We can rise to the glorious occasion of this New Year, and we can love our way through the changes it brings.  It may take courage, patience, and practice, but the transformation that liberates suffering is the possibility in us all.

Thank you so much for sharing the first year of my blog!  I wish you a joyful 2013, filled with love and promise, and I look forward to hearing from you.


About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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