Eclipse Season – Riding the Magic Carpet

I used to have a recurring dream as a child, so pleasurable I went to sleep every night praying it would happen.  I’d see myself in my normal life, and from afar a magic carpet would come sweeping in to pick me up.  There was always a strong, silent male presence at the helm, whose face I never saw and who appeared to have a turban around his head.  No matter how awkwardly I jumped on (sometimes fearfully with the carpet still in motion) I was always safely tossed into the center and held secure, despite any speed we traveled or how high I was jostled.

We flew through the Earth plane and beyond the dimensions of time, through Universes of incredible beauty and amazement, and afterwards I would be deposited safely home, but with newfound wisdom from mysteries that were revealed to me.  It was super exciting, profoundly healing, and deeply supportive and soul-satisfying.  I was returned with all I needed to face the precariousness of my life and the next day ahead.

This is the ride we all have coming in September, and it can be as magical as it might be challenging.  With an astrological emphasis on healing, cleansing, and purification this year, many of us have found ourselves dealing with health issues, discernment in relationships, and clarifying our beliefs about ourselves and the lives we want to create from here forward.

September’s aspects will offer us momentous encouragement to further review, reflect, and apply the disciplines to not only see us through, but continue to chart the new directions we’ve chosen.  Accompanying the solar eclipse in Virgo September 1st, and the lunar eclipse in Pisces September 16th, we have Mercury going retrograde on August 30 – so if you are reading this prior to that date, it’s a great time to prepare on all levels.

Because we must include the effect these eclipses will have on the collective consciousness as well as for us personally, we can benefit greatly by creating a strategy to strengthen our inner nature and organize outer matters to ensure we are in the best position for an enjoyable ride.

Along with my regular activities this weekend, I’m devoting some time to getting current in office work and taxes, organizing my home, and deciding what disciplines will strengthen me within and support me the most through this time period.  For me, that’s usually frequent walks at the beach, daily meditation, listening to music and practicing guitar chords, journaling, pulling oracle cards, and checking the astrology.  It also includes epsom salt baths with essential oils, chiropractic visits, and quiet reading time.

The goal is to be aware of what’s going on around us, but identify with our empowerment to use any circumstance as a practice session for increasing our capacity to love, allow, accept, and forgive.   To recognize the opportunities the Universe is presenting us to contribute the gifts, talents, and awareness we’ve cultivated.  To stretch beyond the conditioning of our past, and be the demonstration of unity, generosity, and kindness we wish to experience.

There has been a relentless intensity this year pushing us to face our shadow, and to do the work necessary to transform it.  It’s rather like building a house from the ground up:  we’ve had to clear the ground, visualize the structure, pour the foundation, build a solid frame that will support the vision, and proceed consciously with every material, action, and choice in order to create the new residence we desire.  Inwardly and outwardly, that is the work at hand.

We’re also making the shift from isolation to inter-connectedness.  Our deep reflection is meant to propel us outwardly with our newfound insights and strengths, so make sure to recognize when it is time to go within, and when you are being prompted to show up and participate.   Don’t let your vulnerability stop you from coming out and giving something new a try.  Get on that magic carpet ride in trust and faith, stay open to all that is presented, and never miss an opportunity to express love and shine your light upon everyone and everything along the way.

All you need is present for a beautiful ride!







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6 Responses to Eclipse Season – Riding the Magic Carpet

  1. Nancy, I love, love, love what you have written here. It is SO true for me. Wow. “With an astrological emphasis on healing, cleansing, and purification this year, many of us have found ourselves dealing with health issues, discernment in relationships, and clarifying our beliefs about ourselves and the lives we want to create from here forward.” Check, check and check. Thank you for putting it so succinctly. It helps to know that I am not alone and I look forward to the inter-connectedness. Sending love from Boulder.

  2. Shelly Rybowiak says:

    Thank you for that!

  3. Gary Blum says:

    Excellent, lyrical, inspiring post!!  Gary L. Blum, Esq.

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