Thank you, Michelle Obama

Oh yeah, I’m going there….  because as a woman in my sixties, I am distressed by the insidious abuse and seemingly endless patterns of lack of self worth and inequality that women are still controlled by – and the damaging effect it has upon our world.  I’m grateful for the political uproar at hand, because it is shining a light on this critically important topic.

As a spiritual counselor, I have sat with thousands of women from all parts of the world, and as recently as yesterday I witnessed tears flowing from a woman my age who is still battling with self loathing directed toward her physical appearance because our society has conditioned her to believe she isn’t beautiful enough.

This woman was composed, very attractive, intelligent, accomplished, and has a heart of gold.  I would consider myself lucky to have her in my circle of friends.  I am no exception either, in terms of self attack.  Our collective conditioning is so pervasive, that without challenge, we remain comfortably (or uncomfortably) numb to the status quo of sexual objectification and dictates.  Collectively as women, we still languish and succumb more than we tend to speak out or stand up.

That’s why I say “Thank you!” to Michelle Obama today.  Because I woke to hear her speech and took the time to watch the CNN film We Will Rise about her work with educating girls.  Both moved me to tears and reawakened my own sometimes dull and tired heart.

This path of transformation is no easy road and there is a blatant force in our faces via the political arena in the U.S. that is engaging destructive reactivity.  Its deeper purpose is to beckon our spirits forth to claim the value and worth of all peoples, without exception, but it requires us to display the courage to take a stand and speak out for that which connects us and renounce that which destroys us.

Here are the links to the speech and film.  I am certain they will inspire and support your remembrance of your own magnificence and the potential we have at hand to unite in strength, respect, and love.

Postscript – The acceleration of change we are undergoing is undeniable, and as we participate in the death of ancient patriarchal archetypes such as the election season reflects, compassion is needed.  Rebirth is imminent, but patience and tolerance will ease our way.  How we express ourselves each and every day is impactful and, though it’s not easy in times of stress, we have the opportunity to cultivate inner strength and demonstrate our higher potential.  The unity that grows from our efforts will be a catalyst for the rebirth.





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2 Responses to Thank you, Michelle Obama

  1. Thanks for going there Nancy! I have said that sexism is most deeply hidden and entrenched “ism” in our country and I pray that it’s true that it is darkest before the dawn because it sure feels like a rock has been lifted up and the creepy crawlers are wriggling and scurrying for cover. Perhaps some major positive change is coming. I pray for it. And I am grateful when men and women speak up – and especially women speak up about what it’s like to grow up in the US as a woman and experience discrimination, objectification and harassment. It’s time for a change.

  2. Nancy Furst says:

    Thanks Roxanna, it’s always great to hear from you, and we stand together in welcoming change. Many blessings for your work and path.

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