The Truth Remains the Same

Despite the controversial results of the U.S. presidential election, the truth remains the same:

Our power within is greater than any person, condition, or circumstance.

All lives matter.

Respect for Mother Earth and awareness of how we treat Her is critical to our existence.

Unity promotes our potential and progress as a nation.

Complacency is over, as we are challenged to define our beliefs and decide what to do about them.  Environmentalists are digging their heels in, human rights defenders are digging their heels in, constitutional attorneys are digging their heels in, and protestors are digging their heels in.  Those of us long trained in spiritual practices of meditation, forgiveness, prayer, ceremony, and inter-connectedness are equally needed in leadership now.

When outer change rocks our world,  it’s always a call to go within; to absorb, reflect, and listen.  Each of us has a unique calling, a sonar of the soul that helps to guide and clarify our direction and decisions.  This is a time to search for your own truth, and follow through in a stance of love and respect, even if your truth is to protest.  Truth in anger only ignites reaction.  Truth in love resonates universally.

If you are dealing with shock and grief, take extremely good care of yourself.  Recognize the stage you are in and nurture yourself through it.  Turn off media and rest in quiet, listen to soothing music, spend time in nature, share with those who are empathetic and stay away from the triggers until you can handle them.

Let the structure of your life and responsibilities be guideposts for moving forward, and keep going.  Your inner and outer investments will merge, in time, and yield a more cohesive plan.

There is greater purpose is all that is unfolding, and it is always about our growth.  The truth remains the same, though the path to getting there has changed.  In the presence of the unknown, rather than yield to the spawning of heightened fear, look to your soul and listen to your heart.  Call on the Wise Woman or Wise Man within and ask.  Call on Spirit/God/Universe, and ask.  What would you have me do?  Where would you have me go?  What would you have me say, and to whom?

Authenticity comes from living one’s values.  When your values become clear, embody them, express them, and create your life around them.  If we do this in respect for all life, we can demonstrate higher possibilities, inspire higher ideas and solutions, and create the higher vision we hold for the world from the recognition of the truth that remains the same:  We are One.






About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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