Welcome, 2023!

Looking at the numerology of 2023, I took a massively deep breath that landed in the bottom of my lungs and rested in numbing relief. The numerology of 2022 featured extreme emotionality that affected plans and created delays, at the very least. The events in our lives and world spawned emotions that stopped many of us in our tracks, posing great difficulty in moving forward, and triggering wounds of the heart.

Personally, I began 2022 with two spinal surgeries and ended the year with a fall that resulted in a sprained ankle and bruises from toe to hip. In the interim, I was forced to move for the third time in three years and along with taking months off to recover from surgery, my resort work died down to almost nothing. I most definitely experienced extreme emotionality and went into deep reflection from past lives to present.

Growth comes through all experience, but I’m happy to see some elements in the numerology of 2023, a seven year, that can lift us higher and see us through. As I reported to Fodor’s Travel in their request of my 2023 prediction (in a few sentences):

Though 2023 holds much of the same in terms of continued fluctuation, upheaval and uncertainty, there will also be increased frequencies of light and energy transmissions, unexpected downloads of inspiration and creative solutions, and sudden openings for transcendence and healing.  If we continue to choose the high road, express love and compassion generously, and keep our intentions clear, we can be supported and lifted beyond our wildest dreams.

Seven is a spiritual number. For many years I enjoyed having sevens in every home address, my favorite being “777 Cactus Gulch Ct.”. It speaks to the heightened energies mentioned above, and with focus of intention, we can be a clear channel for the quantum field, higher consciousness, and manifest as co-creators with the divine.

When life hits us with personal challenges, it can be more difficult to access these higher perspectives, let alone sustain them. After spending 2022 working with this challenge, I learned a few incredible things. No matter what state I was in, when I showed up to do spiritual counseling, praying to be sourced what I needed to be a clear channel for the highest possibilities of the encounter, I was able. My training, commitment, intention, integrity, and connection to Spirit yielded results, despite any frailty.

I also learned to remain compassionate, tender, and loving with myself through states of dis-ease, loss, and grief. To forgive easily, pray, and ask for help even when those I asked couldn’t be there. I learned to reassess priorities every single day given my limitations, and simply get the top things done. As a Virgo, I gave up perfectionism, left the bed unmade or the house in disarray until I had the momentum to address it. I let my office work pile up and took care of it as I could. The important things got done, and I functioned through it all, with greater acceptance of my vulnerability.

I honored my emotions by expressing them, journaling, or sometimes calling on a special friend (hi, Julie!); the rare capable friend who knows how to listen, makes time for you, is patient and asks the questions that let you know they are truly interested in what you’re going through, recognizes your needs and gives what truly helps, reaches out to check in on you and lets you know they love you all the time. Not easy to find, frankly. To have just one person like that is an unspeakable blessing. If you have more, bow in gratitude right now.

We’ve all faced and endured these hardships for the past few years, and we’ve cultivated great wisdom and inner strength. Now, in the seven year of 2023, we can be instruments for higher consciousness and manifestation. The journey of this year is up to us and if we seek higher ground in our minds and hearts, we will be met with greater response, assistance, and upliftment. The more creative we are in weaving a new design of our lives and boldly daring to love past our boundaries of “safety”, the further we will go in participation with the transformative energies birthing on this planet now.

Beautiful blessings to you this year, my friend. We have learned and grown so much, and now we can express ourselves from that wisdom and create wondrous new relationships, opportunities, and ideas that enable transcendence. I love you.

About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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