You’re Not Crazy

Ok, weird title, but this goes out to all my conscious, loving friends and people who are doubting, judging, or faulting themselves. If no one gets you, things are not going as you’d planned, dreams are not panning out, and/or basic needs are not being met, you are not crazy and it’s not your fault.

We are in a powerful time of endings in so many ways, with unexpected change a constant, and there is very little to hold on to, let alone control. Learning to trust in the midst of such uncertainty, and overcome the reactive impulse to grasp in desperation, can be understandably daunting. There is an option we can strive for, however: to manage ourselves and our lives with compassionate flexibility while we maintain clear intention, as we let go of the rest and allow the greater cosmic currents to carry us forward into new experience and expression.

These days, it can take supreme concentration to focus on belief beyond our fears and envision a better scenario than the one we are experiencing. It’s far easier to give in to embedded patterns than to create new ones. And let’s talk about grief. The relentless acceleration of loss from all directions leaves little time to even process the grief we feel. Loved ones die, illness appears, jobs and relationships end, and world events reflect the massive level of change and literal death that is occurring. There are countless ways we are being pushed to face what is ending in our lives.

This is not the only side of the picture, however, rebirth is occurring and awaits, and many are already progressing with greater ease and joy. For all of us, the direction is the same: we are collectively moving toward higher consciousness, love, and unity where the possibilities for harmony and creative solutions are exponentially greater. The time it will take is unknown, but we CAN be empowered in our challenges to chart the course forward through our growth.

My life and work are dedicated to this. I know what it takes to endure, transform, and soar beyond old constructs. It takes help, and when we help each other in any situation, all are lifted. In spiritual counseling sessions, each time I work with a client, I am equally blessed by the experience. It’s not just the income received to support my material needs (though I am unceasingly grateful for that), the frequency we create together inspires transcendence for both of us. The time we share in that space of unconditional love and support, is a gift the world receives because we exist in Oneness.

Any moment spent in gratitude, faith, love, kindness, compassion, self reflection, meditation, prayer, joy, or forgiveness, makes a difference. If you are in despair and you pause to connect to any one of these, you correct your course. And when we share these higher frequencies in connection with another, a greater energy of expansion is transmitted to benefit all.

Unfortunately, we have become conditioned in our culture, to expect instantaneous results. Generally, we are highly addicted and impatient. Only immediate and visible results tend to inspire our trust and commitment, so the pitfalls of disappointment and despair are an easy lure. With great compassion for all, we must employ our deeper vision and faith, now more than ever, and demonstrate our beliefs through our interactions and service.

Our souls are called in different ways. Some are leaving, and some are leading us through the tunnel of death to rebirth, as we remain. There is no right or wrong, and no one should be judged, for these times are not easy for any of us. Take time to look inward and listen to the guidance of your innate wisdom, it is there. Take the time to connect with Mother Earth and Spirit and ask for what you need, you are heard. And if you are blessed to be thriving, share with those who are not, in some way, to be the miracle of love for someone else. We are all part of the same, beautiful circle of life.

There is always light, there is always hope, there is always a way, and we are never alone. We are creating a new Earth in the midst of the death of the old archetypes and it as wondrous and violent as Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano erupting and all the great Earth changes we are living through together. It is a terrifying and incredible time to be alive, so summon your light when darkness falls, and shine for all to see, that we have greater courage because of your reflection. Namaste.

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5 Responses to You’re Not Crazy

  1. Judy Krings says:

    Hi Nancy. This is what our family is going through with our granddaughter. Please keep her in your thoughts.

    • Nancy Furst says:

      Judy, my heart breaks for you and your family. Delaney is amazing and beautiful and her soul shines so bright. She is blessing everyone who knows her and even strangers hearing her story. The whole world is sending her love and enfolding you all in care and compassion. May God’s peace and grace comfort you and illuminate the way. I love you and am praying for all miracles.

  2. Linda Griess says:

    Beautiful … and timely for me. Thank you Nancy!

  3. thejenfish says:

    WOW. YES. THANK YOU. 🔥🔥🔥✨✨✨♥️♥️♥️

  4. Shelly says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful words.

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