What is Happening?

Waking up on Christmas morning to the news of the bombing in Nashville, I wanted to add an update to my last blog, reflecting on 2020. As an empath and spiritual counselor, I sometimes slide into the overwhelm and weight of the times we are in and, just like you, have to find my way upward.

So I wanted to share this morning what I believe is truly happening, and send a reminder of what is needed to not just survive, but rise.

What is really happening is a global shift, a paradigm shift, to an elevated consciousness and a changed way of life. It is a supreme movement of transformation happening to us, and through us, displaying the simultaneous affect on the individual and the collective.

It is an enforcement of the long-denied truth of our oneness, and our inter-connectedness: that which affects one affects the whole and what I do to you, is done to me. It is a truth that can be displayed through us in glorious transcendence of limitation or all manner of devastation, such as what we are experiencing in the pandemic, dictator-like leadership, climate change, and violence toward one another.

At this stage of saturation, exhaustion, and uncertainty, it is a time to grip tightly and hold relentlessly to the truth of the power of our unity through love, compassion and forgiveness, and our infinite capacity to create through idea and inspiration.

Neurogenesis is occurring as well as phenomenal adaptation at cellular and DNA levels, and we are feeling it all. Our capacity is expanding, not only to endure, but to grow and thrive. So that’s the challenge as we evolve through this chaos, to direct and re-direct our focus to our inner capacity for change.

To knock down the doors of our resistance and jump into the flow of transformation. To trust the greater consciousness we are a part of and be willing to let go of our blocks. To boldly shatter the dictates of greed and separation and demonstrate a higher consciousness of unity.

Accepting the organic nature of change and relinquishing our addictive expectations of immediacy is another critical aspect of the cycle we are in. That includes reducing or eliminating the behaviors that stimulate our addictions and that which perpetuates the illusion of separation.

There is not one aspect of ourselves or our lives that isn’t subject to the need for change and it is a daily investment in the changes we want and need, that will cultivate our resiliency and shine the light through the darkness to keep going forward.

We can no longer rely on moments of love and kindness, we are facing a greater commitment now; a long-term commitment that builds new communities, heals the planet and her eco-systems, restores honorable and respectful relationship to one another, and reignites the passion of the value of life.

Most who know me, understand that I have long-ago dropped the traditions of the holidays, opting instead to aspire to live every day in the spirit of appreciation and generosity, but I do wish you this Christmas Day, a special prayer of the heart: that you receive all you need to feel your wholeness, power, abundance, and riches of being loved. We are together in becoming this great change on the planet, and I’m deeply honored by your presence and support.

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Spiritual Counselor
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