2020, A Reflection

There are days when watching the power struggles amongst the leaders of our country, is utter heartbreak.

There are days when taking in the suffering of the dying, ill, poor, and helpless is too much to bear.

There are days when personal focus and self-care are mandatory for preservation.

There are days when enjoyment of the sun shining and trees swaying, is enough to survive.

There are days when I question everything, including myself.

And there are days of clarity, revelation, and illumination.

It’s a seeking time; the gift of the unknown a vast terrain for exploration and redesigning.

It’s a powerful time of change without structure.

I’ve no advice, other than to listen deeply, so deeply you hear the whispers of truth and the guidance in going forward each day.

Rather, I reach out to say I love you. I am grateful for you. I care for you. And you are not alone… never alone.

Your beating heart holds your way, your breath gives you life, and your mind will create infinite possibilities when nurtured to go beyond the conditioning of the past.

Be You. Be gloriously, unabashedly, lovingly, and courageously You.

It is enough.

After shedding our skins and relinquishing our history of degradation, we will reach unity. We will be given new vision and the abilities to exist higher than where we have been.

May Creation bless you in this very moment, and through every day ahead, that you reach the victory of change in consciousness and liberation in your soaring new expression of beauty and magnificence.



About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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