Universal Love

I’ve had the great fortune to work with some exceptional people lately.  People who have lost their children, husbands, and close relatives to sudden and traumatic death.  Despite their wrenching grief, they were courageous enough to speak of a profoundly deep inner resonance and even acknowledgment – that these passings included a force beyond this dimension that held a higher purpose for their loved one’s soul.  Through the portal of their beloved’s journey and the passion of their love for them, their hearts and souls were liberated from insanity to hungrily and boldly scan the universe for pulses of truth… which they found, and are still finding.

I suppose it could be considered strange to be blogging the night before Valentine’s Day about such things, but these stories speak of the truth of love.  Love is the journey, and the journey is eternal.  Love never dies.  Bodies do, forms of relationships do, but what goes on… is love.  Love creates.  Love teaches.  Love always prevails, despite the appearances of our world.  No doubt, sometimes we have to stretch for it, but we are merely stretching beyond the illusion of separation.  Loves knows we are one, and when we reflect on our oneness, we know love.

I’ve been taking morning walks by the ocean at Point Dume in Malibu lately to see the whales migrating.  What is it about whales?  What makes all types and ages of human beings stop in their tracks, uncontrollably cry out in wonder, and share in glee with total strangers at the sight of a whale?  I’ve always been passionate about them, but something else struck me during these walks.

Whales invoke universal love and happiness.

I watched people pull over in their cars, stop their jogging, and join in throngs of open-hearted expression and friendliness just to see a spout, a tail, or the back of a whale slowly moving through the water.  Dolphins joined to surf the waves as they accompanied the whales down the coast, and there was peace on Earth.

From sorrow to joy, think of the many ways we experience Universal Love; the images and moments we share that generate global compassion and joy.  Let’s actively create as many as we can together and use this Valentine’s Day to ignite a global campaign to open humanity’s heart and include All in our embrace.

To get you in the mood for spreading your love, enjoy this gorgeous video of the whales captured by someone else at the same beach this week in Malibu.

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2 Responses to Universal Love

  1. Thank you for a beautiful post on universal love. I could feel the peace come over me as I read your words of truth. And I loved what you shared about the whales. They are such a gift. I watched a whole beach burst into applause last summer in Santa Cruz. For those 20 minutes, we were all connected through our joy in seeing a magnificent humpback feed close to shore. Truly instantly heart opening.

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