Madness or Soul Awareness

The astrology of March promises to bring up important reflection, for the purpose of recognizing what is complete in our lives and what beginnings we will cultivate.  It demands attention and action, willingness to let go, and strong belief.

The powerful energies coming with a final Pluto-Uranus square peaking on the 16th and a New Moon solar eclipse in Pisces on the 20th (the day of Spring Equinox and first day of Aries) can be harnessed through soul awareness or experienced as chaotic madness.

Through soul awareness, our resources are plentiful.  We can see through the personality to the unified presence we all represent.  We identify more with infinite potential than the appearance of limitation.  We stay in a field of possibility and positivity, and are available to help others do the same.

But in the midst of this month’s astrological aspects, every day can seem like a challenge.  Heavy reflections may be urging us to face what we have created or allowed, so that we can choose to do it differently.  We may feel tired, lazy, and want to escape in a fantasy rather than apply ourselves to the daunting situations in front of us – situations that we have created, but would rather blame society or another person for.

All the issues that arise, internally or externally, are the perfect experiences for teaching us a new way to be our Selves and a new way to be Together.  We can’t change what we don’t recognize, so the point is to acknowledge it, atone (take responsibility and demonstrate remorse), forgive and create anew.

With all the discordant stirring, it’s an important month for using the tools and rituals that enhance our connection to Source, Self, and Mother Earth.

Meditation, exercise, time in nature, spiritual practice, music, toning, chanting, maintaining an altar, lighting candles, smudging, praying, expressing creatively, holding ceremony, and connecting with spiritual teachers and healers are some examples of how we can support ourselves and use these energies to grow in leaps and bounds.

Listen to your intuition, your inner voice, and follow through on your instincts!  Any messages you bypass or ignore will likely keep you stuck and will not serve in helping those around you move forward.  Imagine the best You in any circumstance and know that’s who You are.  Imagine the best in others and believe it for them, no matter how you perceive their behavior.

What and whom we stay connected to (inner thoughts and outer choices), is what our experience will be, and the responsibility is ours to claim now.  This is a bold month for the brave to surge forward and a tough month for the weak to get lost in the chaos.  We may well experience both, but the power of choice is in our hands.

If you start each day with the boldest choice you can make to stand fully in your glory, ask for the help to see it realized, and practice that consciousness as best you can…. you will be given more than enough to break through any impasse and embody a new state of reality.  You will be given the means, the enlightenment, and the joy that will inspire you to not only continue, but contribute, to this wondrous circle of life in ways you never thought were possible.

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