Becoming No-Body

At a time when we are inundated with distressing news and events, along with personal challenges that are pushing us to grow beyond old limitations and mental constructs, there is an important practice that allows us to release from attachment and embody the awareness of our inherent state of oneness and infinite potential.

It is the practice of taking your mind to the state of being no-body, no-thing, no-where, in no-time. When I was first introduced to this concept, I was a young woman in love and overly attached to someone who was constantly eluding me yet drawing me in. Always one to pull cards from spiritual guidance decks as a touchstone for higher direction, while in a particularly painful phase of separation and angst, I asked for guidance from the Osho Transformation Tarot deck.

At the time, I was not enlightened enough to accept the wisdom of the card I pulled. Quite the opposite, I became infuriated, because I was looking for validation of my worth and righteousness in the context of the judgment I held for my partner’s behaviors. It was the card of Recognition:

The longing of the mind is to be extraordinary. The ego thirsts and hungers for the recognition that you are somebody….and this is the miracle – when you accept your nobodiness, when you are just as ordinary as anybody else, when you don’t ask for any recognition, when you can exist as if you are not existing. To be absent is the miracle.

A nobody is not an ordinary phenomenon; it is one of the greatest experiences in life – that you are, and still you are not. That you are just pure existence with no name, with no address, with no boundaries…neither a sinner or a saint, neither inferior nor superior, just a silence.

Your somebodiness is so small. The more you are somebody, the smaller you are; the more you are nobody, the bigger. Be absolutely nobody, and you are one with the existence itself.

Decades later, what was inconceivable for me to accept, became my most welcome meditation. In order to practice better, I used to watch movies that showed an astronaut becoming untethered and dissolve into deep space, becoming smaller and smaller, Gravity was one. Rather than frighten me, I learned to feel the depth of peace into the surrender of infinity. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditation, The Generous Present Moment, beautifully guides one into this state, as well.

The benefit of becoming No-Body, is that it is a profoundly powerful re-set. It diminishes the attachment (positive or negative) to the outer, and returns one to a state of inherent peace, acceptance, and connection, bringing forth perspective, ease, and supreme capability.

In sessions with clients, I often guide them to imagine their soul’s energy before they entered their mother’s womb. I remind them they didn’t know they had to grow a body and a brain and there was no concern. Within them and as part of Creation itself, all existed to support the creation of their human form. This is who they still are and will always be.

It’s easy to get lost in the trauma and drama of life and let our weary minds grasp hungrily at fears and impossibilities. If we let them, those thoughts become stories, and those stories become our personalities and pathologies. Pausing to interrupt those patterns and engage our nobodiness, reconnecting to our true state of oneness, can illuminate paths we would not otherwise see. It can rekindle hope and inspiration, sparking the limitless energy we have within to continue co-creating from infinite possibility. The more we do this, and the more that do this, the greater connection we will make with one another and the greater momentum we will have for transformation.

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