The Intensity of Change

Intense seems to be the key word to describe life on Earth these days, as the pressure builds and the focus is unrelenting.  What is the focus?  Changing whatever aspects of yourself and your life that are calling for transformation and healing.

You won’t have to look far.  It’s probably already staring you in the face, and is most evident in the areas of relationships and health.  If you are lucky enough to be moving along smoothly, you’re probably noticing some trigger-happy people around you (meaning, emotionally reactive) or you might be in serious denial.  Some of the adjectives that can describe how we’re feeling these days, are:  overwhelmed, confused, frightened, depressed, and ungrounded.

Here’s what we need to know.  First, this is happening in support of our growth.  Though we are inspired to create in new ways, moving forward has been difficult because we can no longer go forward unconsciously, or attached to the old subconscious patterns that limit us.  The recent period of discernment that led to the clearing of many aspects in our lives, and even relationships, has brought us to a spacious void that can feel threatening.  We are required to be conscious of the old that is dying and the new that is birthing – in ourselves and in the world.  Everything happening personally, is happening collectively.

During a reading today, I mentioned to a client that those of us who have been on the path of awakening, who are truly motivated by love and caring (which means we are highly sensitive), and have been “religiously” applying ourselves in the practice of our beliefs, are not just processing our own issues.  We are vessels for processing the overflow of the collective unconscious, and it’s having an impact on our bodies and psyches.  It’s like a medium who shows up at a haunted house:  the spirits swarm the person because there’s someone there who can process their messages and energy.  Our innate willingness to serve makes us available for more than we might know, especially since the illusion of separation is part of what’s collapsing.  We are exposed to so much more than ever before.

Here’s what we can do to support ourselves through this cycle of change:

Put self care at the top of the list.

Acknowledge resistance when it appears, so you can drop it (it won’t help).

Forget about trying to control anything (there IS no control, it’s an illusion!), and it’s far better to work with the idea of learning to manage something instead of control it (or others).

Practice the art of patience.

Strive for loving kindness and acceptance of yourself and others.

Cultivate your ability to love unconditionally.

Learn to stay present with an open heart.

Offer daily WILLINGNESS to see things differently.  Willingness is everything!

Surrender to the collapse of the old and nurture the creation of the new.

Ask for all the help you need from whom and whatever you believe in.

Forgive as easily as you breathe.

Track the signs, signals, intuitive wisdom, and synchronicities of each day.  Journal them to help you see the guidance at hand, and to connect more deeply to the support in play.

Despite the consuming nature of all that’s taking place, remember that showing up for others generates life energy that will supply you and those you help.  We may need some boundaries to honor the self care required to be well, but extending a helping hand or making time for someone whom you know would benefit from your assistance, is the core of the new structure we are creating to reflect the truth and power of our Oneness.

Cycles change, and depending on how we apply ourselves in the next few months, we will either be repositioned for higher, more empowered experiences, or be even further embedded in the misery of the repetition of the old patterns of suffering.  Our capacity to love and heal is far greater than any wound or weakness.  May you be inspired, may your vulnerability be your strength, may you have faith, and may you be blessed with all you need to See.


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4 Responses to The Intensity of Change

  1. Debbie J Smith says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for sharing. I just had some intense interactions with a new landscaper who was involved in my back yard renovations. He came highly recommended by 5 people I know. It was very challenging. I had to do lots of energy work to stay on an even keel. The project was just completed yesterday. It does look good, but there are things I will want to change ( where he didn’t provide what I wanted). I plan to live with it and enjoy it this year and find someone lelse to tweak it next spring.

    So I know exactly what you are talking about with relationship issues. Whoa, this was a beauty.

    It has helped me get clearer that I need to trust my gut, if I am in a project (like this) pin people down about exactly what they will provide and when, manage the project if they don’t (trust is good but verify), clean up where ever I feel that I don’t get my needs met in relationships, don’t let someone talk to me in an abusive way (tell them and walk away), etc.

    Thank you for your blog, it hit the nail on the head for me.

    Love and blessings!

    Debbie Smith

  2. Ler says:

    Thank you Nancy love love love your thoughts!

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