Cancer – from a Healer’s View

I’ve been dealing with cancer for nine years now, though mostly I don’t identify with it at all, and remain in the conviction I can eradicate it from my body.  It’s a strange experience I’ve always felt somewhat ambivalent about, as I don’t relate to the world of traditional medicine anymore than I relate to current traditional collective thought.

When I was first diagnosed with a stage three thyroid cancer, men in particular often vehemently proclaimed, “You have to fight the good fight.  You have to fight for your life!”  “What the *!*!”, I thought.  I don’t have to fight for my life.  I AM life!  I was also subjected to the naivete that questioned, “how does a healer get cancer?”, or “what did you do to create this?”.  (I really should have written a book on the top ten things you don’t say to a cancer patient.)

As a hospice volunteer for many years, I’ve spent some time with death.  My body had also died briefly on an operating room table during surgery, and a regression I went through later revealed the transition.  And in a vivid dream I’ve had more than once, I experienced the complete cellular change of the death of my body as I left this world.

These experiences, along with my life’s history as an intuitive and spiritual counselor, have given me a multidimensional perspective.  That’s not to say I am not subject to the vulnerabilities we all experience around illness and death, or that I would diminish the components of suffering that are experienced in the process of death and grief.  It is to say, however, that our conditioning to relate to life exclusively through the external, confines us in our ignorance and generates the very fears that propagate the cancer cell, and all the cancers of humanity.

Cancer is part of our collective consciousness.  It breeds through our minds, and subsequently through our cells.  A cancer cell reflects a separation from the healthy cells and it’s no wonder it’s rampant, as we have perpetuated this notion of our separateness to the point of destruction.

It reflects a frightening deviation from Source that we have to recognize and take responsibility for – some of us individually – and all of us collectively.  But it’s like any challenge, in that it helps us grow and learn to live from the limitless potential of our true nature.  It reminds us that we are not defined by a condition, but by our response to it, and that our internal nature holds all possibility for external change

Facing our mortality is inevitable, and anyone diagnosed with a potentially terminal illness quickly becomes a more avid seeker.  It provides a journey through the darkness of our minds to the light of our souls and, one way or another, we get there.  My personal journey with cancer continues to help me discover my Self, expand my beliefs, strengthen my faith, claim my truth, and choose what I relate to more in the human experience:  spiritual law or physical law.

For those of you who are going through cancer, have lost someone to cancer, fear cancer, or are dying from cancer…. I hold out my hand to take yours.  We are in this together, as we are in everything together.  As we reach to take every hand extending to us now, we form a circle of the greatest strength born of compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and love.  We open our minds and bodies for miraculous healing and release, as we recognize and honor the sacredness of our path and everyone on it.  May we be blessed, and may we be healed.

Thank you for reading this blog.  Please consider taking someone’s hand in yours today and looking in their eyes as you extend your love, that you both may realize and recognize the divine and eternal light of possibility through you.  Our awakening is furthered by our action in demonstrating what we know in our hearts, and every loving deed and moment of connection will inspire it.

Postscript to my recent blog on Marianne Williamson running for Congress.  She came in fourth, which wasn’t enough to put her on the ballot in November, but she and those who support her, feel we had a victory nonetheless.  She started a conversation thousands of us took forth, and many others share, that continues to reverberate and inspire new possibilities for humankind to create from a consciousness of love.


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8 Responses to Cancer – from a Healer’s View

  1. Diana says:

    Dear Nancy

    You are and continue to be a huge inspiration and source of light and positive thinking for many of us.

    Thank you for sharing your story with do much candor and compassion.

    May you continue down the path of health and healing for a long time oy come.

    Namaste and metta

  2. erikshope says:



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    Morningstar Ventures
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  3. Thank you for sharing about your personal experience with cancer and offering your hand for those of us who have lost someone to cancer or perhaps fear cancer. Just found out that my beloved Auntie has cancer. I too am a hospice volunteer and sit with death regularly – although I still have my fears and attachments to this body/this life.

    I love your invitation to look into someone’s eyes today and take their hand and extend my love. My spirit took flight just reading that line. I’m going to do that right now. Namaste.

    • Nancy Furst says:

      Thank you so much, and I appreciate the work you are doing and all you are contributing. I trust your Auntie will be abundantly assisted on her path of healing and transformation, and I send my prayers and love to you both.

  4. Mary says:

    Dear Nancy,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. My husband was diagnosed with rectal cancer in March. It has been a very spiritual experience for me to be this close to the disease. While I would never wish it on anyone, it has helped me clarify my values, and our relationship which has certainly had its challenges as we almost split-up last year. We are much closer now and I feel so much more grateful for him, and more compassion for him too. I feel a deeper level of commitment to him. I think we had a visit from his deceased mother offering reassurance, encouragement, and love, which I knew by the strong scent of roses in his room one day. I know it has been awful for him, but there have been miracles all along the way. For example, we now listen to mediation and breathing exercises together. The chances of that happening before his diagnosis were very unlikely. Please add Christopher to your prayers, and I will add you to mine. In gratitude, Mary

    • Nancy Furst says:

      Dear Mary, what a powerful and beautiful description of your journey together through this. As I’m typing, two Ravens flew in to perch atop a telephone pole and are “cawing” loudly. In the work I do, Raven represents magic and their presence as a pair speaks of the miracles taking place through your union and through Creation on your behalf. I will put Christopher’s name, and yours, on my altar for prayer – in gratitude for the grace, healing, love, and transformation that is occurring. Thank you so much for writing and including me in your prayers as well. Love, Nancy

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