Creation Time!

Have you been sensing the openings for new connection and creation?  Granted, we’re still learning the mastery of letting go, but there is new stimuli for coming together and creating from the seedlings of ideas sprouting rampantly in our consciousness.  It’s a great time to trust your heart, follow your intuition, and take bold steps into the uncharted territory of your dreams.

Your sleeping dreams may be reflecting what you are disengaging from and opening to; the shape-shifting you are in the midst of.  In waking hours, the material of the day provides the same information:  what you can no longer relate to, and what compels you.

This is a discerning time for positioning oneself in the higher frequencies of possibility, or the despairing tones of status quo.  In any human condition, there exists the possibility of transcendence, and our inherent nature is to rise, to create, and to love.  Our freedom is not bound by the outer, but defined from within.

In June we have some marvelous aspects for emerging clarity, new opportunities, forging ahead, and spiritual breakthrough.  It’s also a time for meeting the people your soul has longed for; not just the idealized romantic relationship, but making connections that hold the potential to inspire true global healing.

Even Mercury going retrograde June 7 until July 1, doesn’t hold its usual impact of delay.  It’s always good to double-check facts, backup the computer files, and leave extra room for changes in timing, but it shouldn’t stop you from moving forward with your new ideas and goals.  There are other stronger forces that will help spur you on.

June 21 brings Summer Solstice along with the sun entering Cancer, a water sign ruled by the Moon.  The sacred feminine comes alive and Cancer’s flowing emotional nature unites with its abundant fertility of imagination.    On June 27, comes a beautifully aspected new moon in Cancer; a great time to set your intention for the next thirty days.  All in all, summer is starting with great promise and potential, with emphasis on creating anew.

One of my favorite lines in the Course in Miracles is, “the past is over, it can touch you not”.  Whatever changes are taking place in your life, look for the new direction that holds your growth.  If your fears stymie you, or circumstances bring forth challenge, reach out for help to overcome them.

This is a time to believe in yourself and follow the path of expansion with an open mind and heart.  And more importantly, with a willingness to see things differently!  You will be supported, and your unique offerings are exactly what the world needs now.







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4 Responses to Creation Time!

  1. erikshope says:

    Yes I’ve been sensing it! Whew, time for some flow, all good news.


    Andrea Chilcote
    Morningstar Ventures
    P.O. Box 1723
    Cave Creek, AZ 85327
    480-575-7263 direct
    480- 575-8533 office
    480-575-8593 fax

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog and letting me know that you stopped by for a visit. It made me feel like my message was received! 🙂 Best of all, now I am graced with getting to know you! I’ve decided to follow you, as I would enjoy reading more of what you write. You wrote, “…making connections that hold the potential to inspire true global healing,” I very much resonate with that. sincerely, ~KM

    • Nancy Furst says:

      Truly my pleasure and I’ve been inspired by the wisdom, insight, and creativity you share in your blog. Love that we are reaping the benefits of the connecting opportunities that abound and am glad to know you!

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