Eclipse Weekend – Big News!

Greetings Earthlings!  Somehow that just seems right to say as I listen to the winds blowing through the canyon pass of the sloping mountains outside my window on this Halloween eve in Malibu, California…..


We have some big news this weekend with a New Moon solar eclipse taking place on Sunday in the sign of Scorpio.  Key astrological configurations from Friday through Sunday make this a significant time to make note of.  As all eclipses are harbingers of change, this one points to a serious blasting of deeply conditioned patterns of belief in our collective subconscious (Scorpio), with the impetus to birth anew (New Moon) beyond our former states of consciousness, particularly survival consciousness.   It’s a journey into the unfamiliar; a ticket to the unknown; a time of unearthly visitations; and the promise of a new way of being and living.  If we stay open and engage in the opportunity to release our minds from the constrictions of outdated beliefs, our lives can be transformed.

Phew!  That’s a lot, but here are some guidelines to make the most of these events:

Stay present, open, and alert.
Let go of everything you think you know.
Be aware of the fears and concerns that come up, because they will point to the belief     systems to renounce.
As your truths emerge from within, stand in conviction and be willing to speak or write of them.
Expand your mind
Journey in the unfamiliar. 
Go to the Earth; do ceremony or ritual.  Invite and invoke benevolent assistance.
Write about the misery you no longer wish to experience, and the dreams you do.  Make them unlimited dreams.
Reach for the stars.  Literally.

Here are some personal experiences I’ve had that speak to what’s occurring.  I sensed the need to go for a hike, and was drawn to nearby Solstice Canyon.  With some lower back and knee issues, I only planned on walking in for a mile and then out again.  But when I reached the one mile post, I sat on a rock by the stream, closed my eyes, and asked:  “What would You have me do?”  The response was crystal clear:   “Go up.”  A flock of bright green, wild  parrots flew in, screeching loudly as they swept overhead in a circle three times.  I felt their voltage shoot through me and knew I would have the energy I needed.

I crossed the stream and began climbing upward for over a mile, until I reached a power place where two stunning monolithic slabs of rock lean over the canyon in a protective embrace, and the glorious blue expanse of the Pacific ocean stretches out before you.  I hadn’t been there for four years because I didn’t believe my body could do it anymore.   That belief had been increasingly cornering me, as I imagined all the things I could no longer do.   But when I asked, listened, and heeded the new messages that came to me, my illusions were shattered.  It was an exhilarating experience that carried me to, and left me on…. higher ground.


Simultaneously, as Mercury went retrograde, my work slowed.  I noticed the old standby mental patterns of fear of lack showing up.  As I let them go, I consciously asked for the higher truth and again, heard a clear response that confirmed my provision was untouched by the peril of a world perceived as lacking.  The reassurance I felt was tangible, and as I chose to believe with conviction, the fear disappeared like a ghost evaporating.  Instead of “trying” to do something about the outer circumstances, I chose a new belief and then allowed the Universe to turn things around for me.


We don’t have to know what the outcome of our willingness and openness will be.  As we shift with the changes at hand, we will bear witness to the astounding beauty of the Great Mystery and ourselves within it.   Can you imagine??  This is the weekend to try!

Post script:  Upon waking this morning (Nov. 1st), I received news from several clients, of deaths of loved ones… and a shooting at LAX this morning has put our city on tactical alert.  As eclipses tend to shake things up and Scorpio is also the sign of death/rebirth, we are witnessing these aspects, as well.  So let us be mindful and prayerful, as we remain hopeful, and move through this eclipse weekend together.


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4 Responses to Eclipse Weekend – Big News!

  1. thank you for writing about the potency of this weekend! I’m feeling it and love to read about ways to surf the big energy waves. Very grateful for your guidelines, I’m planning to take time tomorrow to go withing, listen to my high self, journal, get outside on the land, and call in new and vibrant energy. A’ho!

  2. Tusk says:

    Hi Nancy, a pleasure that the universe brought us together. I look forward to reading your insight from the rainy confines of Portland, OR. These are challenging times; more than ever I believe we need to stand together for support, wisdom, and love. Greetings from another West Coast brother. Tusk

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