Creating Beyond our Egos

It’s easy to recognize the difficulties we’re facing in our attempts to break ground into new territory.  In the U.S., our government is clearly displaying signs of that struggle in its attempt to launch health care reform, and it’s only one of many issues that countries around the world are striving to transform.  Personally and collectively, our goals don’t seem as easy to achieve as they once were.  So what’s going on?

One of the contributing factors posing a challenge, is the need to make a conscious shift from “I” to “we”; to embrace the perspective of global community.  While on the path of inner transformation and healing, it was important that we looked at our personal wounds and discovered how they were created.  It was crucial to see the patterns of abuse and dysfunction in our families in order to rise above them and free ourselves to live from the awareness of our true potential.  But that was base camp, and now we must climb higher.

Our self absorption and judgment are eroding the truth of our inter-connectedness.  We’ve developed a fervent devotion to attacking ourselves and others (in thought and behavior) in the relentless attempt of our egos to prove that we are, indeed, separate from one another.  How much more evidence do we need to recognize that what we do to another and what we do to this planet, we do to ourselves?  There is no “other”, and there can be no victory in fighting for an illusion!  If it hasn’t become clear by now that our safety cannot be found in the domain of the ego, then we are disregarding the obvious at our own peril.

Perhaps we are struggling to the degree that we are holding onto embedded beliefs that keep us from evolving; that keep us in comparison and competition, always deeming someone less worthy.  For eons of time we have sought control and claimed supremacy, when none of us have the right to declare dominion over anyone or anything.  We share this world together, and we are One in our belonging.

Beyond the egoic nature of our minds, lies the infinite and true nature of who we are.  The power of creation that we recognize outside of us, is within us.  In cultivating the ability to clear ourselves of the toxic waste in our minds and emotions, we are becoming more open as channels for the universal energies that hold all possibility.  As we shift the focus of our self identification from the body/physical to the spirit/infinite, these universal energies can course through us and ignite our abilities to live and create from a higher consciousness.

We are the world we live in.  We can dare to return to the calling in our hearts to be beacons of light and love.  We can courageously clear our judgment and be open channels for inspired possibility.  We can listen to the promptings of our souls and move toward enlightenment.  We can share our creative expression and talents in ways that will reconnect us.   We can create beyond our egos now, by turning our attention to becoming vessels for the highest good of all concerned.

Whatever your path or challenge, it is an opportunity to convert your belief to the unlimited potential of who you can be in that circumstance, moment, or relationship.  There are no limits in the effect you can have, and as we offer ourselves to help the world transform, we are transformed in the process.

One of my beloved teachers, Marianne Williamson, is demonstrating this in spades, by bravely choosing to run for Congress.  If you’d like to be inspired and support her efforts, please visit  And for further inspiration, check out the HBO documentary “Ethel”, on the life of Ethel Kennedy (  These women embody a level of service and loyalty to the well-being of humanity that is truly making a global difference.

Be your true Self and bless the world today!

About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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