Whales and Intuition

I awakened recently, to a heightened awareness of the presence of an energy that seemed to overlay my physical reality and encompass my mind.  I felt a deep resonance with something occurring in the unseen realm that was moving slowly and powerfully, and it compelled me to begin my day in silence to perceive what was taking place.

I’d been re-reading Mists of Avalon, so various soul memories and intuitive abilities had been ignited, and I spent most of the afternoon reading on a balcony outside my bedroom near two giant eucalyptus trees that overlook an energy portal in the earth where I have witnessed a passing of spirits on many an occasion.

Several hours later, I felt an intuitive prompting to go to the ocean, so I put some belongings together and drove to Point Dume in Malibu, where I’ve been going for over thirty years.  It’s a small stretch of beach with a backdrop of cliffs that has always been magical, but never more than on this day.

It was late afternoon and sea fog was slowly crawling up the foot of the adjacent hills.  I took a walk at the water’s edge so my feet could feel the waves as they gently rolled in and out.  As I was looking at the sunlight sparkling across the water, I saw the back of a whale gliding with the currents, flagged by dolphins swimming on both sides.

It was a dream fulfilled, as I had longed to see whales in the open sea my entire life, and it brought forth the same feeling I had when I first walked within the monoliths of  Stonehenge; a familiarity and comfort came upon me that penetrated my soul and erased my mind of all its thoughts, but those of truth.

The whale swam slowly along the coast, spouting air as it emptied its lungs to breathe, and I stood in awe feeling complete joy and gratitude.  I felt a calling to return over the next few days and had two more sightings, one of them so close to shore I nearly swam out to join the mother and calf at play.  (See the video link.)

As an intuitive who uses Native American cards for readings, and a trained crystal healer, I’m familiar with whale medicine as the record keeper of the history of Mother Earth, similar to record keeper crystals that hold ancient wisdom.  Both carry the sound frequencies and formations that allow us to tap into ancient knowledge and further us on our own unique path and calling in life.

I truly felt the Universe reaching a hand out that day, to powerfully assist me in shifting course to realign my physical path with my soul’s truth.  And there was another interesting demonstration:  driving home, I received an intuitive message to stop at a particular gas station and purchase a lotto ticket.  I was given the word “fantasy” and after inquiring, discovered there was a game called Fantasy Five.  So I purchased one “Quick Pick” and several days later discovered I had won $389 by having four of the five numbers.

For me, this day was a rare demonstration of the physical and spiritual planes existing through me, as One.  Rare, only in that my own mind is still in training to discover how to realize the potential to live as we were created, and thus create together (“to-get-there”) in love, beyond the illusion of a conditioned belief in separation.

There are such beautiful inspirations in nature that reflect the truth of who we really are, beyond the limiting ideas we have of ourselves and the world we live in.  When we bring our minds and hearts to love (forgiving all that has transpired) and are purely in the consciousness of the present moment – the barriers we created to prevent miracles are dissolved to unleash them – and we are guided anew by the power of how the Universe operates, through each and every one of us.

The energy of the whales helped me dive deeply within that day, and make outer choices from accordance with my inner spiritual nature and intuitive knowing.  And the sea, as always, reminded me of the vastness of life, of possibilities, and of my Self.

About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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1 Response to Whales and Intuition

  1. Leeta says:

    Beautiful… ! Thank you, Nancy.
    Gratitude & Love

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