Focusing on Renewal

The cycle of Spring on our planet is a glorious visual reminder that new creation is in our midst.  Through the flowers and blossoms of nature, we witness that which has been dormant and hidden beneath the surface now burst forth in astounding new expression and beauty.

Similarly, what we have been nurturing inwardly from Winter’s introspection, is also ready to emerge so we may begin anew and participate in life with fresh opportunity and perspective.  But just as some places in our country are still experiencing the remnants of Winter while others are in full bud and bloom,  the outer manifestation of our inner efforts may or may not be showing yet.

When efforts have not become results, the tendency of our human nature is to lose faith.  But our spiritual nature knows that this is the time to increase our faith and focus on the renewal that is promised.  If you have been cultivating the seeds of forgiveness from within, you can count on the blossom of new or transformed relationships.  If you have been spreading seeds of love, you can expect a harvest of feeling more love.  If you have treated another with kindness and mercy in the face of a perceived wrongdoing, you are creating a state of grace with an exponential growth rate for the creation of miracles.  And miracles are what we need now.

We can look through the lens of any newspaper, radio, or television program and be easily convinced that humanity’s emergence from the level of darkness we are in, is impossible.  Aspects in our daily lives can seem insurmountable in these current conditions.  But if we use our inner vision to see beyond appearance and relate to the unseen, infinite energy we are born of and exist as, we can know – without a doubt – that creation of the miraculous is just as possible as our expectation of failure.

Spring is a time to cultivate that which is growing.  Just as we tend the plants around us that bear witness to new life, we can fertilize the seeds of higher thought in our minds, and birth a new expression of humanity born of unconditional love and the willingness to forgive.  We can use the gift of imagination that Einstein referred to as more important than knowledge, and visualize the beauty we can create, the ideas we can channel, and the extraordinary field of energy our love can birth.

With the power of rebirth at hand, let’s add conviction now to whatever faith we can muster; that we can birth what our minds can glimpse…. for the possibilities we can imagine are as real as any flowers our mortal eyes can see.  The power of the Oneness that connects us all, creates the miraculous through us, and everything can be transformed through our willingness to grow.  Happy Spring!

About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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