New Holiday Choices – It’s Not Too Late!

For many weeks I’ve been sensing this upcoming holiday period will be different than most would expect – that something is compelling our collective attention in a direction beyond our traditionally demanding plans of outer productivity and effort.

Astrological aspects are forcefully pushing us into greater change and the momentum is so strong now, even our staunchest resistance cannot be upheld without a backlash to knock us over and weaken our denial until we ultimately flow with the movement.  It is a movement of growth and expansion, and we are in a powerful time of cleansing.

These changes hold great promise and cover the full range of human emotion, experience and possibility – and awareness is the key.  Whatever you are going through, you can be sure that every person around you is facing something profound.  So it’s important to be kind to others; to strive for compassion and respond with love.  Our outer choices and efforts need to be coming from our inner awareness and focus, so making the time to connect within is critical.

Remember that your mind and heart were created with the capacity to stretch beyond any limited perception and know the truth your Soul came here to embody.  If you are feeling the pressure and stress of the holidays, or life in general, it’s a message from within you to make a course correction.

Be willing to make new choices.  Look to how you are thinking and what you are doing.  If it’s causing pain or discomfort, command your mind to expand beyond its limited perception and offer a higher truth.  If you ask to see something differently, you will absolutely receive another option, whether it comes immediately or later on.

It is the Spirit of the holidays that is our greatest gift to give, and we give it by expressing our spiritual selves:  our infinite capacity to love.  Rather than looking for the perfect gift for someone in a store, you can meditate on who they are and how you can express love to them.  The act itself would be an immediate gift for both of you, and any resulting inspiration will hold far greater potential.

We can realize the joy of this holiday season, even through our suffering, if we are willing to illuminate our consciousness and let go of our grievances.  For those of you experiencing loss, there is a truth beyond your sorrow that can heal and see you through.  If we look within first, and engage our Spirits and hearts in all our considerations, we will be given the clarity, courage, and conviction to make the choices that lift us into the highest possibilities that love can create.

That is what is meant by Heaven on Earth, and that is the power we all hold, together.

My love and blessings to You!





About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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