Leading the Way

The intensity of our current times made me recall the American Civil War when local citizens were asked to step out of their lives as they knew them to be, sacrifice everything to stand up for their freedom and beliefs, and go to the front lines at any cost.

Though it’s a dramatic comparison, it’s crystal clear that we are being called to the front lines of conscious awareness and action.  Challenges aren’t relenting, and those who have trained in higher consciousness are the needed leaders for our time.  Not only do we have to recognize ourselves as such, we have to boldly move to the front lines of every area of our life and demonstrate what we have learned.

This is not for the feint of heart.  We’ve been pretty comfortable as students and haven’t had a revolution on our own terrain in quite a long time.  We’re used to looking to someone else for the changes we want in our world, rather than taking it upon ourselves to be the instrument of that change.  We’re more comfortable as a nation blaming poor leadership than risking the repercussions of becoming a great leader.

The focus we’ve had on inner transformation must now translate to outer experience.  Every circumstance we are in, is the perfect opportunity for representing our Oneness.  Every relationship we have, offers the chance to speak up and show up, from the highest truth we have come to realize.  Every job we do and service we offer, presents the chance to inspire and heal, boosting our collective shift into a new paradigm of wholeness and well-being.

In my work as a spiritual counselor, and in my own life, I am witnessing a constant demand to stretch our capacity.  For some, it’s a pulling apart or breaking open.  For others, a transcendence is already occurring.  But for all, it is a confrontation of our issues.  There’s no more wiggle room left.

We are required now to exemplify the truths we have come to know as spiritual practitioners; to apply the principles in our thought, word, and deed.  Even if you are not on a path of spirituality, it is the same challenge:  How are you showing up today?  What are you giving to others today?  Who do you want to be in the experience you are having?  What reality are you creating?

The universe is forcing a move from individual focus to collective awareness.  The opportunity is to grow beyond our self interest through cooperation and contribution, and  forge the trails for unity.  Trust the circumstances you are in.  Respond and be bold in your leadership.  Connect with others.  Reach out.   Share Your Self.

And in any challenge that brings weakness of fear or insecurity…. practice.  Practice the discipline of the mind, the compassion of the heart, and the demonstration of love.  It will see you through, and you will become a beacon for others to find the light of hope.  May you Be…well!


About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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3 Responses to Leading the Way

  1. Joseph says:

    “The opportunity is to grow beyond our self interest through cooperation and contribution, and forge the trails for unity. Trust the circumstances you are in. Respond and be bold in your leadership. Connect with others. Reach out. Share Your Self.” THIS is exactly what I’ve been feeling these past few weeks and why I’ve started writing again, to SHARE my Self. Thank you for this post and God bless!

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