The Spiritual Power of December 2012

What an abundance of opportunities we have this month, given the heightened stimulation of the holidays with their many triggers, and the projection of thought relating to the Mayan long count calendar coming to an end.  You don’t have to be a spiritual teacher to realize the impact upon us.  We’re all being pushed to look within, while our outer world seemingly collapses in one form or another.

As a spiritual counselor, I have the sacred privilege of sharing intimately with others and hearing their deepest reflections and experiences.  Everyone I work with, including myself, is facing circumstances that challenge our disbelief (and disconnection) in order to break through the illusion of limitation and realize the power of who we really are, that we may ultimately create from wholeness and unity, and liberate ourselves from suffering.

This is what I believe the changes at hand are about.  It’s a sober time for courageously using what is taking place to summon the courage to rise to the occasion, respond from our highest selves, and demonstrate who we can be.  Every situation we encounter is giving us that opportunity, and every response has a consequence.

If we choose to flow with the greater cosmic movement of transformation, we can use the closing cycle of this year to reach clarity about what no longer serves us; recognize what we are responsible for creating; and consciously align with the potential of change in our midst to cooperatively participate with its purpose.  There will be no limitation in how we are used to effect miracles.

If, instead, we continue to rail against something or someone; give in to our weakness with excuses and justification; and remain in the idea of our helplessness, we will succumb to the darker forces we are creating.  We are determining our soul’s karma and humanity’s course by our thoughts and choices every single day, and with the cosmic forces gathering a clearly recognized momentum to effect the world, it’s no small thing to consider.

This month represents the possibility of reaching what some call, Christ consciousness, or enlightenment.  It can be a holy time, or a time of wasteful stress from material emphasis.  No matter what you are doing, where you will be, what or whom you do or don’t have…. you have an inherent power to transcend and transform.  How you choose to shine your light and offer your love will be felt by all, and the difference you can make in any given moment can change lives.  It’s time to commit.

I pray this month, that you are abundantly blessed with whatever support you need to realize your potential and help create our collective dream of love.  And may you know how deeply grateful I am for your presence in my life.  For those reading this blog for the first time, and those who have supported me and allowed me to support them, I thank you.  You have taught and blessed me well.  I celebrate our remarkable journey together with great joy and profound gratitude.

May happiness and peace prevail for you and your loved ones this holiday season, and may miracles abound through us all!

Love, Nancy

About Nancy Furst

Spiritual Counselor
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